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   Chapter 65 Do You Know He Is Going To Divorce You (Part Two)

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"Hiram, don't tell me that you have forgotten what Emma said yesterday. She said that she loved you from beginning to end! "Saying this, Chester felt a sharp pain in his heart.

It was thought that the situation of the three would be different if they met again, but in the end, they were pushed into a deeper cliff.

Emma always loved Hiram, not him!

This was what Chester couldn't stand! This was what he had been suffering! From childhood to adulthood, Emma had been fixing her eyes on Hiram. From childhood to adulthood, the person she liked had always been Hiram. Back then in the ancestral hall, when Ethan forced her to tell him who the baby's father was, she had been unwilling to tell him. At that time, she was still protecting Hiram!

From childhood to adulthood, Chester seldom shed tears. One was when his mother died, and the other was when something happened to Emma in the past five years. Every time he cried, his heart would be intensely painful. He had never known that one's heart would be so painful, and he had never known that one's heart could be so painful that he wanted to die immediately!

"Chester, listen to me..." Hiram was frightened by the anger in Chester's eyes. His younger brother, who grew up together with him, would hate him to such an extent. At that moment, his heart was very empty. "I'm married. It's impossible for me to be with Emma anymore! "

Back then, he was young and frivolous. He admitted that he did love Emma, but that kind of love almost ruined three people!

All of a sudden, Chester stepped forward and grabbed his collar, looking at him with his bloodshot eyes. "Shut up! Shut up! You know I like her and you know she is my fiancée. Then why did you do such a thing back then! Hiram, do you think you can make up for your mistake by breaking two legs? I tell you, it's impossible! "

Hiram closed his eyes. "What do you want me to do? "

"Unless you die! "Chester said coldly. The words were like a death warrant, floating in the air coldly. When Hiram opened his eyes, there was a flash of clearness in his eyes. "Then kill me! "

"Don't think I don't dare! "As soon as he finished his words, he threw a punch at Hiram

Since entering the office, Alline had been feeling uneasy. Hiram hadn't returned to the office. She knew that there was something wrong with him since yesterday till this morning, but he didn't want to tell her. She couldn't force him to tell her. Men were sometimes proud, and he could keep what he didn't want to say for a lifetime, so she waited for him to say it out.

Moreover, she was afraid that he would refuse to tell her. Today, she finally found an opportunity to talk with him for a short time. It was obvious that he had no intention of telling her!

She had been restles

her to be affected by Hiram.

Alline took a breath to calm herself down. "Colin, don't you understand now? Even if I divorce, so what? Your family doesn't want a daughter-in-law like me at all! "

Unlike Nicole, she was not the darling daughter of the Lou family. Although she was a member of the Lou family, her surname had changed to Su. And the Su family was not rich now. How could she deserve Colin?

Besides, she could see all the disdain and ridicule from Vernon that day. He didn't like her. Why should she disturb Colin again! What's more, the most important thing for her now was to find her brother!

"Colin, I'm not in the mood to think about it now. The most important thing for me now is to find my brother! "About her brother, Alline had told Colin something, but she didn't explain it in detail.

Colin paused and said. "If I can help you find your brother, can you give me a chance? "

"Colin, don't do this. I don't want to mix my brother's business with mine! "Alline didn't want to trade her brother's matter for something, even for Colin.

"I'll be in the HC City tomorrow. Can you come out and have dinner with me then? "Colin sensed the displeasure in her voice, so he changed the topic and asked softly.

Alline kept silent. She had promised Hiram that she wouldn't see Colin for the time being, but she didn't know how to refuse him. After all, she still had feelings for Colin in her heart. Colin muttered "Alline, don't you give me such a chance? "

When Alline was hesitating, she saw that Jenny ran over and looked pale. She was about to ask something, but she heard Jenny say "Mrs. Mo, Mr. Hiram is injured. Now he is sent to the hospital. Please come with me to have a look. "

Then, Alline told Colin that she had something to deal with and hung up the phone. She followed Jenny to the hospital worriedly.

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