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   Chapter 61 I Won't Divorce You For The Rest Of My Life (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 9813

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HC City was a good place. It was rich and coastal city. No one didn't want to make some political achievements after taking office. But obviously, this mobilization was one after another with the bidding case. It was obvious that there was something fishy in it, but no one could figure out what it was now, so the case continued calmly.

Hiram was busy so he asked Alline to order takeout. If she had nothing else to do, she could go home early.

After ordering the take out, the dinner for the two of them was settled in the office. Fortunately, the Mo family didn't pay attention to the dinner, because they had dinner in each room at night. Except for when there was a major event to be announced, Ethan informed everyone in advance, so that everyone would have dinner in the main house at night.

After dinner, Alline made a cup of coffee for Hiram. She found that he liked a cup of black coffee very much after dinner. She really didn't know how his stomach could stand it. After making a cup of coffee, she said, "Mr. Hiram, the coffee you want! "

"Alline, if you don't have anything else to do, you can go back early. Jenny can help me here! Rubbing between his eyebrows, Hiram was still reading the case on the Internet, and finding out his own favorable rumors.

At the same time, he began to investigate the new mayor of HC City. He didn't come from a good family, but he had been promoted step by step in the past few years and his official career was smooth. Generally speaking, only the rich second generations like them could have such a good future at his age. However, this person didn't have any financial support or power support behind him. Step by step, he had made great achievements!

Hiram didn't get much information about him. It could be seen that he was ambitious. But what sect did he belong to?

Hiram thought that he had been involved in the business of the Gu family in the past few years and knew something about HC City, but this new mayor who seemed to appear out of nowhere was very different. He rubbed his eyebrows and decided to fly to HC City early tomorrow morning.

If the Gu group wanted to have a firm foothold in HC City, it must get through this relationship.

And if he had the chance, he should go to the Gu family to see the new mayor.

The two of them left the office very late. Since Hiram was a little hungry after a busy night, he took Alline to have midnight snack. Although he didn't say that he wanted to order Alline, she had been busy in the office the whole night to check information for him. The two of them finished their midnight snack, because they were a little full, the two of them went back to the Mo family, hand in hand and walking slowly on the path.

The night was silent. The Mo mansion was quiet. In the distance, there were several lights on, which seemed to break the silence of the night.

"Hiram, why do you come back so late today? It seeme

away with her hands, but the man held her more tightly. She really couldn't resist. "Hiram, what's wrong with you? There's someone here! 'Oh my God! He must be crazy!'

She didn't want the servant to see that she would lose her face tomorrow.

Hiram pulled her into his arms and kissed her eyes and brows.

"No. Alline refused firmly, "Let's talk about it when we get home! "

"Alline, you have to fulfill your duty as a wife, understand? Hiram breathed lightly and kept kissing her. Although Alline was in a mess, she was still rational. She pushed him away with all her strength. He wanted to make a fool of himself, but she didn't want to make a fool of herself with him!

The two of them walked into the yard hand in hand, but the big hand of Hiram had already reached into her clothes. His gnarled fingers touched her delicate skin, which made her feel indescribable limp and numb.

Alline patted him on his hand, "Hiram, is that enough? "

Vivian, who had been following the two, clenched her fists! Why did Hiram still accept another woman after Emma's death? Didn't he love Emma? Didn't he only love Emma?

Then what was this woman doing?

The woman in Hiram's arms should be her. Only she was qualified to get Hiram! Only she deserved Hiram!

The jealousy in the bottom of her heart almost annihilated all her reason. Her eyes were red as she watched the couple enter the Juan Garden, but the jealousy in her heart made her want to kill them! She had loved him for so many years, but why didn't he look back at her? Why? She was not reconciled to the fact that Hiram had another woman by his side! That Alline didn't deserve to be with Hiram at all!

She didn't deserve it! She watched the two of them return to the Juan Garden, and her eyes were red. The woman in Hiram's arms should be her! She felt as if she had been taken away all her strength and she watched them close the door.

Completely isolated her from the world!

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