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   Chapter 60 I Won't Divorce You For The Rest Of My Life (Part One)

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Noticing that Hiram was too focused, Alline was stunned and asked, "Are you full? "

Hiram stared at her, "Don't worry about me. You have to eat yourself. You have a lot of work to do this afternoon! He didn't know that such a harmonious lunch could make him calm down a lot.

Since he came back from the L Garden, his mood had been ups and downs. That matter was like a time bomb, which would explode all of a sudden and surprise him all of a sudden.

This house was so peaceful, but there was a faint crisis that slowly seeped out.

"I'm not hungry. With a faint voice, Alline peeled a shrimp for him, dipped it in sauce and was about to send it to his bowl. Suddenly, Hiram knocked on her hand, raised his head and ate the shrimp. When her fingers touched his lips, she was slightly stunned and looked at him in surprise. She still remembered that the two of them had been in tit for tat a few days ago. Why did he suddenly change?

Having tasted the delicious food, Hiram smiled complacently and showed a childish innocence. "It tastes good! "

With a blush on her face, Alline withdrew her fingers shyly, stood up and said lightly, "I'm full. I will go upstairs and change my clothes. I'll go to the company with you later! "

Looking at the figure running up to the second floor, a faint smile appeared in Hiram's eyes. If Cathy hadn't told him about the experience of Alline's erotic dance, he really couldn't believe that this occasionally shy woman would be the charming dancer on the stage!

After the two of them had lunch, Jenny drove the two to the company. In fact, every son or daughter in Mo family had a special driver, but normally, Hiram was used to the care of Jenny and Jacob, so he did not have a special driver. And if there was a chance, Alline preferred to drive by herself. She had always enjoyed the pleasure of driving, so she used to drive alone when Hiram did not go to the company!

It seemed that Hiram was in a good mood. On the way, he would occasionally talk to Alline. The atmosphere had been very harmonious!

As the special assistant of Hiram, they had been in HC City these days, so the work of the Mo group naturally came down a lot. As soon as they returned to the office, there were a lot of documents that

or not, once this scandal was exposed, it would be enough to cause a storm of public opinion before this project, let alone the case of Water Park, which was a rare big case in recent years!

Although it was not a rare case for the officials to disclose the bidding and bribery, the new mayor of HC City had been transferred recently. It was a good opportunity to reshuffle the case.

Besides, the victory of the Guan group was supposed to be a success, but now it seemed that there must be another mystery. Whether the Guan group could cope with the investigation of the judicial department or not, it was possible for the person who approved the news to make the Guan group quit the bidding completely!

Hiram asked Jenny to contact someone to prevent the judicial system from investigating. After all, although the Gu group's foundation was not in HC City, if the scandal was really exposed, it would also have a great impact on this incident. After handing over the work, Hiram called Cathy again. After asking about the consequences, the two discussed for a while before ending the call.

Since the scandal of price leakage was exposed, Hiram had been busy all the time, but the new mayor of the city had made up his mind to deal with the bidding. Even Cathy had tried several times to find out the ins and outs of the other party, saying that this time it was directly sent by the upper class, and they didn't eat hard or soft tactics, and that they wanted to change the atmosphere of HC City.

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