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   Chapter 59 The Truth That Could Never Be Revealed (Part Two)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 10263

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As soon as he said this, the atmosphere sank again, as if there was an indescribable force that pressed them under the water.

They were depressed, uncomfortable, and choked on water in their lungs, but they couldn't control that feeling.

After a while, Hiram said in a low but deep voice, "Grandpa, I didn't mean that. I just think that Chester has the right to know the truth. After all, his mother's death had something to do with my mother. "At that moment, he felt heartbroken. When he knew the truth, he couldn't believe that his mother, whom he worshiped since childhood, would do such a thing.

However, when the truth came to him, he could do nothing but feel painful, helpless and guilty.

He didn't even have the right to reverse the confession, because no one in the world would have been poisoning others for a long time!

He didn't know who else he could think of except his mother.

"If he knows the truth, you two will fight to the death again. Back then, you two ignored your brotherhood because of Emma. If he also knows what your mother had done, you will destroy this family. "Ethan's words were sharp and cruel, just like a knife stabbing into his heart.

He sighed. His heart was torn, as if something was seeping out. He clenched his fists, with his face as pale as paper. He pursed and tightened his lips. He said word by word "Grandpa, I will be responsible for my mother's mistake. I won't take the shares of the Mo family. I want to give all of them to Chester as compensation! "

"No way! "Ethan resolutely denied it. "Do you know the consequences, Hiram? "

Jonny was also shocked. He knew that his son had not been interested in the business of the Mo group these years, but he never thought that Hiram would have the idea of withdrawing his shares. The interests of the three branches of the Mo family were intertwined, but the shares were always controlled by each other. Ethan held the power and would not be partial to either side. But the eldest was usually chosen as the heir. It was obvious that Hiram gave up the right of inheritance!

And once he gave up the right of inheritance, the balance of the Mo family for so many years would be broken, and no one knew what would happen at that time!

"Hiram, are you crazy? It wasn't all your mother's fault at that time. All of us were wrong. I don't agree to your withdrawal! "Panic flashed through Jonny's eyes. He didn't expect that his son didn't care about the Mo family's business.

The Mo family was the richest and the most powerful family in the L city. It engaged in all kinds of industries and was one of the best families in the country.

And this rich family was different from other wealthy families. Ethan was in power in the Mo family!

Hiram smiled sadly, and even the sadness in his eyes was about to spill over. He said, "Grandpa, Dad, you should know what kind of person Chester is. Back then, he hated me because of what happened to Emma, and what's more, he won't give up once he knew the matter about his mother. So I give up the Mo family's sh

up and walked towards him. Then she held his arm and turned her beautiful face to him. She asked gently "Have you eaten anything? I've made lunch for you. Let's go downstairs and have lunch together! "

She thought a lot along the way, and it was not good to always be hostile to him.

In this family, since she had no right to say goodbye, she'd better play up to him and let him ask for a divorce himself!

It happened that he was hungry and the anger in his heart dissipated a little. He thought that Alline's attitude was good, at least she didn't go against him. Once this woman became stubborn, he would be overwhelmed. It was rare for her to be so obedient. He was not used to it. "What did you make? "He thought he'd better put off the phone call now. Anyway, she was his wife, and no one else could reach her.

"I don't know what you like to eat, so I just cooked some dishes that I am good at. If you don't like them, we can change them next time! "Alline said softly. 'It turns out that this bastard likes gentle women!' She thought. She had seen the anger in his eyes just now, so she said like that. She didn't expect him to calm down.

"Fine. "Replied Hiram carelessly. They went downstairs and began to have lunch. The dishes were light, very suitable for his appetite. During the meal, they had a very happy time, as if they had lost the tit for tat in the HC City. Alline was taking care of him, filling soup for him, picking vegetables for him, and even shelling shrimps for him. He was very satisfied with the food. If Alline would always be so gentle, maybe he would consider to be nicer to her.

As soon as he raised his head, he saw the side face of Alline who was seriously shelling shrimps. Her side face was serious. The light shone, and her little face was covered with a faint layer of amazement. She was focused and serious. Thinking that it was because of him, Hiram was suddenly in a good mood. It would be nice if things went on like this, but he didn't know that the temporary warmth would be broken soon.

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