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   Chapter 58 The Truth That Could Never Be Revealed (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7038

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L Garden was the place where Ethan lived. It was ancient with a long history. The decoration in the yard was simple but grand, with ancient flowers and grass, and the fragrance in it was breathtaking. Outside the building was an antique Chinese style attic, but it had been renovated many times, and it was modern. The furniture was classic made of expensive red wood.

The decoration was also in accordance with the style of the old Shanghai city in the 1920s and 1930s, and it was a foreign decoration. Ethan liked to live in such a house. He was obsessed with the old Shanghai, so the decoration was all in accordance with his own taste. But even so, the Mo family was quite respectful to him. He was the master of the family and he should live in a high-end and comfortable place. In the past, when Hiram was unable to walk, his Juan Garden was decorated to allow him to move conveniently and assure that he wouldn't get tripped, or had difficult pushing a wheelchair. The L Garden was also arranged according to Ethan's preferences.

In the past few years, Hiram seldom came to the L Garden. On one hand, he was inconvenient to move; on the other hand, his relationship with Ethan had been very tense in the past few years. Since the accident of Emma, there had been a small gap between the two. He always felt that what happened in the past was partly because of him, and his grandfather was the leader of the tragedy. However, he wouldn't do anything harmful to the Mo family, so he retired from the Mo family's business in the past few years and took over the business of the Gu group. He didn't start to deal with the Mo family's business until his leg recovered some time ago.

When Hiram came in, he saw two people in the tearoom. One was his grandfather, Ethan, and the other was his father, Jonny. He greeted them and sat down. "Grandpa, why do you suddenly ask me to come back? "

Ethan was making tea. Seeing Hiram come in without raising his head, he said lightly "Have a seat! Many people knew that Ethan loved tea all his life and he was also good at tea making. He went through the pr

With indifference in Hiram's deep eyes, he replied lightly "I know everything I should know. "

Ethan still kept his countenance, but he looked more and more fierce. "Hiram, since you have known about it, I won't say anything more, but you can't reveal it to anyone. Just pretend that it didn't happen, and you never know it. Even if you know it, you have to keep it in your mind even if it is rotten. You can't let anyone know a word. Understand? "It was rare for Ethan to have such a sharp expression. His words were heavy.

When Hiram heard this, a light flashed in his eyes. When he raised his eyes, the light was frightening. "Grandpa, haven't you thought that since I could find out this matter, sooner or later, Chester will know it as well? You can't hide it from him for a lifetime! "

The teacup in Ethan's hand smashed on the tea set, splashing water. "As long as I want, I can make him unaware of it all his life. "His words instantly froze the air.

The three of them didn't say anything more. A hint of sadness flashed across Jonny's eyes. He sighed slightly and said slowly, "Dad, I think that Chester has the right to know the truth! "

"Shut up! "Ethan seldom got angry. But when he was furious, the consequence would be unthinkable. Now he looked at them with astonishing momentum and said word by word "Or do you two want to tell everyone what Christa had done in the past? "

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