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   Chapter 54 The Name On The Marriage Certificate Is Me (Part One)

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With a buzzing sound in his brain, the color of Alline's face turned deathly pale, and her eyes were full of sadness. She looked at the two people in pain, and her body could not help trembling.

Obviously, she had heard all those words just now!

He clenched his fists, and the anger in his eyes faded away bit by bit, leaving only coldness all over his body. He looked at Alline and wanted to take a few steps forward, but Alline took a few steps back as if she was afraid of a plague. "Don't come over. I don't want to see you! "

"Alline! Colin wiped his face and shouted anxiously.

"Don't come over! I don't want to see you! Stay away from me! Alline shook her head. She felt her eyes hurt and bitter, but she couldn't cry. Maybe she had cried this afternoon!

After saying that, she turned around and ran out of the hotel without looking at the people in the Hall any more. Hiram was also stunned when he saw that Alline had run away. He gave Colin a hard stare and then immediately chased after her.

However, when he caught up with Alline, she just got in the taxi. When he was about to stand over, the taxi suddenly drove away. His heart suddenly got angry. "Alline, stop! Where do you want to go? "

"Alline! Come back! If you dare to run away, I... "I can't go on threatening you! Watching the taxi go far and disappear into the night, Hiram stood there as if the whole world had abandoned him!

Jenny followed behind him and asked, "Mr. Hiram, shall we go back to L city? "Ethan called me today and said there was an emergency at home. He asked you to take Mrs. Mo back as soon as possible. But now she has run away. How can we go back?

"Tell the captain to wait for a while. We can go back after Alline comes back! Hiram rubbed his aching forehead and felt powerless. He found that every time he encountered the matter between Alline and Colin, he couldn't restrain his impulse and made things like this!

Alline had promised him that she wouldn't go on with Colin. Was he impulsive again?

"Hiram, you bastard! What else can you do except forcing her! Let me tell you, t

e walked to Alline like a gust of wind.

"I can't stand you anymore. Look at you! You are in such a mess. I almost want to throw you out! Cathy remembered that she was frightened when Alline came in just now and cried awkwardly with her in her arms.

Alline hadn't cried much since they met three years ago. The first time she cried so miserably, Cathy was frightened. When Alline had cried enough, she took her T-shirt and went in to take a shower.

When she came out, she was a little cleaner. It was so humiliating for her to cry like this for a man.

With a sullen face, Alline raised her chin and took a sip of the wine discontentedly. Alcohol was a good thing. Although she didn't have to drown her sorrows in it, drinking a little wine could calm her down. More importantly, the wine in Cathy's were all exquisite and good.

Cathy loved drinking, especially red wine. She said red wine was good for beauty and would drink it before going to bed every night! Cathy's brother's business involved in all kinds of industries, especially the most famous wine imported abroad, so there were always good wine in Cathy's club, and Alline would have the chance to steal wine from her.

"Well, people always have bad luck. Cathy, why am I so unlucky recently? With a sad face, Alline complained to Cathy. When they were outside, she called Cathy boss, and in private, she called beauty Cathy.

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