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   Chapter 50 You Are As Cheap As Your Mother! (Part One)

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It was Nicole. She was wearing a light blue suit of Chanel, which set off her enchanting figure and extraordinary temperament. She was also holding a world limited edition bag, which matched her suit. Her curly hair was casually scattered, and every move of her was full of amorous feelings. It was unrealistic for such a beauty to appear in this restaurant.

She looked at Alline and walked over angrily. The way she looked at Alline made Alline tremble!

When Colin was enjoying his meal, he noticed Alline's strange eyes. As soon as he turned around, he saw that Nicole came to the front of them. Before he could react, Nicole slapped Alline. Alline's face was tilted and her hair was scattered!

"Nicole, what are you doing? "Colin knocked on her wrist. He stared at her angrily. The coldness in his eyes scared her. Her mouth trembled, but she still summoned up the courage to roar, "Colin, don't you feel guilty to me? Why are you with this woman? "

Alline stopped covering her face and looked at the two people in confusion. What was she talking about? Was she Colin's girlfriend? Besides, did Nicole say that Colin should be guilty to her? What did he do wrong to her? What's more, in the past, Nicole had liked Colin, but he had always been indifferent to her. Although the relationship between the three was unclear, she was sure that Colin would not fall in love with her!

"I can be with whoever I like. Who do you think you are? Why do you interfere with my business? "The coldness in Colin's eyes swept away. He wished he could cut the woman in front of him into pieces. "Besides, who allows you to do anything to Alline! "

"Well, how sweet you call the name! "With a scornful smile, she looked straight at him and said, "Colin, why can't I hit her? Shouldn't she be hit? She even seduces my boyfriend after getting married. She deserves it even if I beat her to death! "

Hearing this, the people in the restaurant looked different, and most of their eyes were on Alline.

"Wow, she is so beautiful but she is actually a mistress! "

"Yeah, you can't judge a person by his appearance. Don't you see her seductive look? "

"She has been married, but she still seduces others.

d voice, Nicole was shocked and trembled all over. "Colin, it is her who provoked me. If she hasn't seduced you, how could I be impulsive! I'm a lunatic. I went crazy five years ago. Colin, I've liked you for so many years. Don't you know? "

"Shut up! "Colin's face turned cold and shouted harshly. Hearing that, Nicole trembled and stopped saying a word. At the same time, Alline's face also darkened. Colin calmed down and said, "Alline, I will explain it to you later! "

Alline shook her body and almost lost her balance. She forced herself to calm down, but her brain was buzzing. Alline stood still and smiled sadly. Like her, Nicole fell in love with Colin and it had been five years. They were half siblings, but they fell in love with the same man. They had been entwining for many years. If Colin hadn't suddenly left and disappeared, they might have got worse. What's more, it was known to all that they fought for a man, and now they met again, the situation was even worse than before. From the meaning of the Mu family and Nicole, Nicole and Colin were going to be engaged!

No wonder Nicole came to catch adultery, and Colin was not depressed. Presumably, the phone call in the car today was from her.

Now that they were about to get engaged, why did Colin hide it from her? If it weren't for the sudden appearance of Nicole, she would have been kept in the dark till now. And what Nicole said made her feel as if a knife were piercing her heart.

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