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   Chapter 47 You Want To Divorce Me For Him (Part Two)

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He looked at Hiram angrily "How dare you hit her, you bastard! "As soon as he finished his words, he slammed Hiram away with all his strength. Then he walked out of the door with Alline in his arms.

"Stop! Did I ask you to leave? "The look in his eyes was as cold as ice. He staggered and tightened his chin, giving off a bit of fierce momentum. "Colin, don't forget that the woman in your arms is my wife! "

"Your wife? "Colin stopped. Alline was lying weakly in his arms. He raised his eyebrows and a touch of coldness flashed through his clear eyes. "Did you take her as your wife? If you don't know how to take care of your wife, I don't mind taking care of her for you! Besides, based on what you have done today, I can send the lawyer to talk about the divorce with you for Alline! "

Hiram sneered lightly with mockery. "You should ask the woman in your arms if she is able to divorce me! By the way, she is just a tool we bought with money! "

Colin's face suddenly darkened. "If it weren't for her identity, would your Mo family have made so much effort to make her your wife? We all know the purpose. "

However, Alline looked pale. She was still hurt by his words in the end. She gently closed her eyes. It turned out that in his heart, she was just a tool he bought. She was not qualified to get married. When she opened her eyes, she was empty and confused. "Hiram, even if we can't get divorced, I should still have my own freedom! Right? Colin, take me away! "

She had too many questions in her heart, but at this moment, she couldn't ask any.

She couldn't say a word. Her heart seemed to be empty, and the cold wind blew her trembling! She really didn't understand what on earth Hiram treat her as. Was she just a tool he bought?

"Alline. "Looking at her pale and thin face, Colin felt his heart ached. How could his girl be hurt like this by other men? Alline moved her eyes as response. Colin breathed a sigh of relief and glared at him fiercely. "Don't be complacent too early. I will definitely take her away from you! "

"Alline, are you going with him? "A trace of imperceptible anger hid in Hiram's deep black eyes. He clenched his fists hard. At that moment, he actually hoped that Alline could stay!

"Colin, let's go! "If she stayed one more second, she was afraid that she would lose control. The fear of death just now was still lingering in her heart. She looked at Hiram, and then looked away quickly. They hated each other, so leaving was her only choice. Now she was really exhausted physically and mentally, and she didn't want to stay with him for one more second.

Hearing that, Hiram was stunned. With com

chtime now. Today, we have made your favorite dishes! "

Colin looked indifferent, as if the warm smile on his face disappeared at that moment. His eyes were cold and indifferent, and he said flatly. "Thank you, Marcus. I'll take Alline there right now. "

But when he turned his head, he looked at her gently and said, "Alline, dad is at home. Let's have dinner with him, okay? "

Alline nodded in panic, and she was a little nervous. She had never seen Colin's family, and she had an instinctive fear in the bottom of her heart. She reluctantly nodded and said "Okay. "

Perhaps he felt her nervousness and panic, he suddenly reached out his hand and wrapped her small hand in his palm, which warmed her cold heart all of a sudden. They walked into the living room hand in hand.

The living room of the Mu family was also exquisite and magnificent, with a high-end crystal lamp, and a clean table filled with exquisite silver chopsticks on it. The man on the first seat was more than 70 years old. He had thin white hair. His eyes were directly sharp, like a sharp blade, piercing through people's heart. When Alline looked into the old man's eyes, she could not help but shiver. This man's aura was intimidating. His eyes were so intimidating that Alline nervously held Colin's hand.

Next to the old man was a man of more than 50 years old. He had bright features, but his temperament was a little gentle. Beside him sat a woman of more than 30 years old, with delicate features and dressing. She was elegant. However, she looked at Alline unhappily, as if Alline was not welcomed.

Colin greeted the old man respectfully, "Grandpa, I'm back! "

The old man nodded gently. Then Colin turned to the crowd and introduced, "Grandpa, this is my girlfriend. "

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