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   Chapter 46 You Want To Divorce Me For Him (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7409

Updated: 2020-05-04 04:01

"You're right, Alline. I'm unreasonable and cruel! What's more..." He suddenly smiled weirdly, with an indescribable charm on his handsome face, but his beautiful eyes seemed to be full of anger. "When I see something I don't like, I like to destroy it. If I'm not happy, I want everyone to be unhappy with me! You think you can divorce after you marry me? You're dreaming! "

"You are a freak! 'Said Alline, gritting her teeth. If she had a knife, she would have chopped him first. What the hell was wrong with him? If he was unhappy, he would have pulled others to be unhappy with him! Bastard!

"Freak? "With a question in a low voice, he almost pressed himself against Alline. She unconsciously took a few steps back, with her body against the edge of the table, and her waist slowly fell down. She felt a little tired, so she stretched out her hand to press against his chest, trying to make him retreat.

However, as his body approached, his eyes also stared at her. His eyes were like fire and ice, intertwining into an indescribable color, like blood, but not blood. His eyes were red. He looked at Alline with a cold smile at his mouth, which made people tremble. "It seems that you have a deep love for him. Alline, do you want to divorce me for him? "

"Yes, I want to divorce you for him, but have you ever thought about yourself? Since the person you love is back, why do you keep pestering me? You don't like me at all. Do you think you will be happy to be tied up with someone you don't like? Or do you think it's interesting? "Although Alline was a little unstable, she looked into his eyes and said, gritting her teeth.

She thought that Hiram was a lunatic, just as the rumors said, a freak, cruel and brutal. He was not happy himself, and he couldn't see others happy! She gritted her teeth and looked at him fiercely, as if she wanted to balance her momentum with his.

"Meaning? "When he asked this question in a deep voice, as if he was laughing or mocking. His face looked terrible. In this world, no one would be happy to hear that his wife had someone else in her heart, and he was even more so. He had been proud and arrogant since childhood. Even if he didn't like Alline, she was his

ly she didn't hear it.

She came back to her senses from the violent cough. She looked at Hiram. The anger on his face was so clear, and the blood in his eyes slowly faded away. But she subconsciously shrank her body and shouted "Get out! Don't come over! "

Seeing the panic in her eyes, he reached out his hand to pull her up, but she shrank back and said "Get out! Don't touch me! "This man was a devil. He almost killed her just now.

"Are you afraid of me? "His voice was low and weird. He looked coldly at Alline, as if trying to find something from her eyes. But what he found was darkness, gloom. The red in her eyes faded away, leaving only coldness.

"I don't want to see you! Stay away from me, Hiram! "She gasped for breath. This man gave her too much pressure. Since yesterday, he became a little gloomy, almost freezing her.

Suddenly, the door was opened vigorously, and Colin, dressed in casual clothes, appeared at the door Behind him was the hotel administrator. When Colin saw clearly what was happening in it, anger quickly rose on his cold face. He took a step forward and strode towards them. Then he pushed Hiram away, picked up Alline from the ground. He gnashed his teeth and roared, "Hiram, what are you doing? "Alline's hands were still pressing her throat, and Colin noticed that there were several fingerprints on her slender and beautiful neck. They were so obvious that they couldn't be ignored! A cold light flashed across Colin's eyes.

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