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   Chapter 44 We Will Be Bound Together For The Rest Of Our Lives. (Part One)

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 7504

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It was Nancy and Mr. Wade who came out. Nancy didn't wear any business suits anymore. She wore an aqua green silk dress, which was staggered layer by layer. Under the light, she looked like a delicate flower. The wind blew up her dress with heavy wrinkles, which made her look like a fairy.

Generally speaking, women at her age looked old in green, but as for Nancy, she had fair skin and this green dress made her skin as white as snow, and her eyes bright with the radiance. She was talking to Mr. Wade, and perhaps she noticed that someone was looking at her. So she raised her eyes gently and looked at the two people in the parking space with clear eyes.

One was Hiram, and the other was Sharon, who had helped her.

But why were these two people together? Was she Hiram's lover? Sexy Club was ran by Cathy. Cathy had a close relationship with Hiram, and Cathy had been taking care of her in the past few years. Was it for the sake of him? Thinking of this, without any change in her eyes, she kept smiling and talked with Mr. Wade.

"I hope our cooperation will go smoothly in the future. Mr. Wade, please take care of me in the future! "When talking about business, Nancy deliberately made her voice sound a little more professional, with a faint coldness, but not distant.

Mr. Wade nodded slightly. After getting along with her for a night, he knew clearly Nancy's strength. No wonder the Guan group sent her as the representative. It seemed that Ray had chosen the right person. This woman was really smart, low-key and knew about business engagement. She was absolutely low-key and polite when it was time to retreat, but when it was not time to retreat, she would fight for it. Mr. Wade still kept smiling, which made him look like an innocent playboy, and also an elegant and calm business man, who could make the client feel relieved and trustful. "Hope the cooperation goes well. Miss Nancy, how about I give you a ride? "

Before Nancy could say something, a low and pleasant voice came into his ears "No, thank you, Mr. Wade. I'll send Miss Nancy back! "When Nancy turned around, she saw that it was Hiram. He had already come to them. She frowned slightly and looked at him quietly. 'What did he mean? Was he still unwi

d? "His voice was as usual, but with a few more trembles.

Nancy's indifferent heart was rippling again because of his words. She thought back of that night, as if there was a thick smell of blood at the tip of her nose spreading out as that time. Her world was red and dazzling, as if she had felt the loss of her life. Darkness surrounded her, and pain swept her. At that moment, she could hardly hold on.

However, it only happened in an instant.

Her eyes became clear soon, just like the choice she made every time she encountered unspeakable pain. She tried to suppress those sadness and pain, and tried to live with self-esteem.

In the distance, a silver sports car slowly came. Nancy looked at Hiram one meter away, but her eyes were no longer as warm as before. A faint smile appeared and she said indifferently, "Mr. Hiram, what happened to me has nothing to do with you! "

Looking at her seriously, Hiram asked "What happened that year? How did you survive? "

He had seen her burned into ashes in the fire. How could she now live well and stand in front of him alive? If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he couldn't believe what he had seen now. And this fact had torn his heart apart again, bloody. The wounds that had been buried deep in his heart had rotted day by day. He had thought that those wounds would be scarred, but today he suddenly found that they were not healed, and that was just an illusion. His heart had already been rotten and riddled with holes.

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