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   Chapter 42 How Could He Do That To Alline (Part One)

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With her eyes wide open, Alline waved her hand and refused seriously, "No, thanks, Mr. Hiram. I don't have time in the day. I have to go to work! She didn't feel guilty at all. After all, she would left Sexy Club. Could he still find out her identity?

"You can ask for leave. Hiram's tone was irresistible, and there was a hint of interest in his eyes.

"But if I ask for leave, my attendance will be deducted. And I'm short of money! Alline tried her best to look bitter. What was wrong with Hiram? Why did he suddenly think of meeting her outside? How could she meet him!

Hiram said generously, "I'll sign the check for you! "

"Mr. Hiram, I'm sorry! No gains without gains! Alline didn't and wouldn't want to accept his money. She was very righteous! God knows, she really wanted to expose her nature and have a good fight with Hiram. Damn it, what did he want to do? Did he fall in love with Sharon? But it was impossible. He had never seen what she looked like. Was he obsessed with her dancing?

But a man like Hiram had seen all kinds of beauties since he was a child. He could have fun with them, but it was absolutely impossible for him to fall in love with a woman who worked in a romantic club!

Did he recognize her? Thinking of this, Alline began to feel uneasy! Looking at the mysterious and interested expression on Hiram's face, she wondered if he had really recognized her? Oh my God! Alline groaned in her heart! She should have checked the calendar when she went out today. She finally got out of Sexy Club, but she didn't expect to be involved again today! If she had known this would happen, she wouldn't have agreed to dance on the stage tonight even if Austin had knelt down to beg her!

Looking at her rolling eyes, it was obvious that she was up to something, but Hiram did not expose it. He shook the glass of wine gently, and the ice blocks clinked. He smiled unfathomably. "Miss Sharon, in fact, don't think too much. The main reason is that I see you like a friend of mine and want to introduce you two to each other, so? He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Friend? The blue veins on Alline's forehead bulged. She smiled and said, "Mr. Hiram, to be h

as not even qualified to take her back. His heart was suddenly torn apart by something, revealing bright red blood.

On the other hand, when seeing this strange scene, William couldn't figure out what the two were playing. Sharon was Alline? It was said that Hiram didn't like women, but today he wanted Sharon for exception. Was this woman really his sister Allien?

Thinking of this, William's eyes became deeper and deeper. It was hard to guess. His mind was tossing and turning, but his eyes were gentle and unchanged. He was still talking to others, but he listened to their conversation with his ears quietly.

Colin shook the glass of wine, which made him look like a playboy. But he was really handsome. Even so, his action did not damage the beauty of his body, but added a kind of pitiful and clean beauty to the air. He glanced at Alline sideways and asked, "Alline, are you uncomfortable tonight? Did you have a stomachache? "

Alline didn't know whether she should answer this question or not. If she answered it, Colin thought she was Alline. If she didn't answer, she would put Colin in a dilemma. It was really a dilemma for her. Hiram, why did this bastard deliberately twist her identity and make Colin misunderstand her? If she was just the Sharon in Sexy Club, she didn't have to face such a problem. She was silent and breathless. She took a deep breath and forced a smile, "Thank you for your concern, Mr. Colin. I'm fine. I just drank too much! "

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