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   Chapter 41 If Only She Wasn't His Sister (Part Two)

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The light in the private room of the nightclub was deep and changeable, making the atmosphere in the room ambiguous and complicated. It was hard to see other people's expressions far away, but there was a kind of obscure throb in it. After glancing at her, Hiram finally reached out his hand like a stingy and lightly held Alline's hand. Because of nervousness, Alline's hand was a little stiff, and her palm was slightly wet.

The two of them seemed to have known each other for the first time, but somehow, Alline's heart seemed to be pulled by something.

"I've heard that Miss Sharon's been the mainstay of this hotel for a long time. It's better to see you than to hear a hundred times. You're really beautiful! But why don't you take off your mask and show your real face to others? Was there anything shameful about your face? When Hiram was holding her hand, he suddenly tightened his grip. It hurt so much that Alline's face under the mask turned pale.

Alline looked at him warily. Coincidentally, the eyes of Hiram swept over her indifferently, but they were deep and incomprehensible. She gently pulled back her hand, and gently touched him with the crystal cup in the other hand. "Mr. Hiram, I have said that if someone wants to see my face, he must marry me. It is said that you have already married, so I'm afraid you can't see my face! "

"Well, I don't know there is such a rule? Did no one object to the rule that made by Cathy? Hiram shook the crystal cup, and the liquid in it collided with the ice body, making a tinkling sound.

Looking at the two people who had a weird atmosphere, William thought, 'Is Hiram interested in Sharon?' Thinking of this, the smile in his eyes flashed. Since Mr. Hiram had already had Alline, did he have a crush on Sharon? William couldn't help but come out to mediate, "Mr. Hiram, you're not from HC City. There is something that you don't know. Cathy said that Sharon was her sister. She was afraid that Sharon would suffer losses in Sexy Club, so she made this rule! "

There was a smile in Hiram's eyes, but actually he was not really happy about what he said. "Oh, I didn't know Sharon was Cathy's sister! "Then how do you explain what happened three months ago? How could Cathy ignore her go when Sharon was in danger last time? If it wasn't for Hiram, Sharon must have been attacked. Logically speaking, he should be her savior!

However, there were some things that were not funny to say clearly!

William echoed with a few laughter. With a faint look in her eyes, there was a hint of anger in Alline's eyes. "Cathy just pitied me and gave me an identity. I'm sorry to make you two laugh! "

Hiram smiled casually and clinked glasses with Alline, "Sharon, I drink a toast to you! "

After Alline drank up, a waitress poured another glass of wine for her. Playing with the glass in his hand, Hiram's eyes were deep that no one could guess what he was thinking, "Mr. William, I have something to ask you for a favor. Jenny and Jacob are still outside. Can you invite them in for me? "

William knew that

aroused his desire! What the hell!

"Come and sit here! Hiram pointed to the seat next to him. This woman sat so far away. Was it possible for her to be afraid that he would do something evil to her! No matter how hungry he was, he wouldn't do anything to a dancing girl. He wouldn't have such a bad taste!

Alline sat down uneasily and said, "Mr. Hiram, what can I do for you? "

She was smart enough to see through his purpose at a glance. With a faint smile on his face and unhurried voice, Hiram said calmly, "I heard that you have a good relationship with Nancy? "

He was inquiring about the news of Nancy. It seemed that the appearance of Nancy did have an impact on him, or he wouldn't have come here to inquire about the news with her. Alline restrained her emotions in the bottom of her heart and tried to make herself look like a dancer. "Not so bad! "

Hiram glanced at her in surprise, indicating that he was not going to tell her. He was not in a hurry. He leaned back lazily on the sofa, but exuded an indescribable aura. "Tell me everything you know. You will benefit a lot! It was obvious that he has promised her benefits. Moreover, a person like Hiram usually promises no less than ten thousand dollars.

Alline blinked her eyes and thought about how to refuse. She didn't know much about Nancy's identity, but Nancy was diligent and helped her, so she appreciated her and sometimes helped her out.

Looking at her lowering her head, for some reason, Hiram suddenly thought she looked like Alline. Every night after work and returning home, Alline would sort out her work notes by herself. Sometimes when she was drawing, the serious look on her face was very eye-catching.

And the woman named Sharon in front of him made him feel a little familiar.

"Or, Miss Sharon, if you think it's still not convenient to talk here. Let's talk outside tomorrow! Before Alline could say anything, Hiram had already made a decision. He suddenly wondered what kind of face was hidden under the mask. Was it the same as his wife?

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