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   Chapter 39 Sharon, I Won't Divorce (Part Two)

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Of course, Hiram noticed the direct appreciation in Nicole's eyes. He raised his eyebrows, and a touch of disgust appeared in his eyes. From the moment Nicole spoke, he knew that this woman was tart and mean. It seemed that his little wife's life in Lou family was not as good as he thought before she married into Mo family. He stretched out his long arms and held Sharon in his arms, "I'm her husband. "

Hearing that, Nicole widened her eyes in an instant. How could it be possible? At that time, it was because she heard that the young master of Mo family was disabled and couldn't do something that a normal man could do, so that Celine didn't want her daughter to marry him, so she tricked Sharon back, took Sharon's brother away and forced her to marry into Mo family. If she had known that the young master of Mo family was so handsome, she would have married him!

"You are her husband? Didn't you have broken legs? Nicole couldn't hide the shock on her face and sighed in her heart. If she had known that the eldest son of Mo family was so handsome, she would never let go of the man in front of her!

Although Colin was handsome, elegant and perfect, the man in front of her was no less handsome than Colin, and his temperament was charming, which made her moved. Judging from his taste in clothes, this man was definitely an extraordinary man.

"That's because my wife has cured me before! Said Hiram lightly.

"Oh, so you're Sharon's husband. Take a seat, Isa. Take out dad's good tea! Nicole came over intimately and greeted the two with a familiar expression." Mr. Hiram, what kind of tea do you like to drink? Longjing tea, Tie Guanyin tea or Pu'er tea? "

This enthusiastic attitude almost surprised Sharon. She had always been sitting on a cold chair when she came to Lou family. She didn't expect that Hiram would be greeted unprecedentedly when he came. It was really a different treatment. Did Nicole fall in love with him?

Thinking of this, Sharon almost fainted. However, Hiram said coldly, "Since Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Lou are not here, we won't disturb you. We'll pay a visit another day! After saying that, he held Sharon's arm and left.

"Hey, Mr. Hiram, don't you sit a little longer? I'll call my mother now and ask her to come back right away! Nicole was still greeting enthusiastically behind the two people, but unfortunately, Hiram had made up his mind to leave and ignored her.

The two of them drove away again. With his lips tightly closed and his black eyes flickering, no one knew what Hiram was thinking about,

lso at home. Johnson inadvertently asked, "Sharon, why isn't your brother at the previous hospital? I went to the hospital several times and asked the doctor, but the doctor said that he didn't know which hospital he was transferred to. "

"I forgot to tell you that the Mo family helped me transfer Sven to the hospital of L city. The hospital there is more advanced than here, and it is also helpful for his disease. When Sven recovers, I will bring him back to see you! Sharon answered, pretending to be calm.

"Well, it seems that you have a good life in Mo family. If you are wronged, you must tell me. Even if I don't have money, I can help you! Hearing what Johnson said, Sharon nodded happily.

After sitting for a while, Sharon went to Sexy Club. Seeing her, Austin was almost surprised to tears, "Sharon, you're finally back. Where have you been in the past few months? I asked Cathy, but she didn't tell me. It's rare for you to come back. I need your help you tonight. The girl who danced is sick today. She can't go on the stage. Can you help me? "

"Okay, no problem! Sharon replied with a smile.

"I'll take you to the dressing room. Hurry up! Then Austin dragged her towards the dressing room.

Sharon reappeared on the stage. She still ore the red mask, and her dance posture was still the most eye-catching. Although she hadn't danced for three months, she was not unfamiliar at all. She also attracted the audience around. For a moment, the audience screamed loudly!

The last dance step stopped at her tiptoes. Sharon bowed to the stage and went off the stage. However, as soon as she walked out of the DJ room, she was stopped by a man, and the man who stopped her was...

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