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   Chapter 37 You Ungrateful Woman (Part Two)

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When he was about to stand up, Alline suddenly said, "I want to go home later! "She had been married to the Mo family for so long, but she had never come back home. And her brother hadn't been found yet. It was better to go back tonight.

"Okay. "Then he walked towards Emma.

Alline started to clean up the documents on the table without showing any expression. However, Jenny looked up at her and comforted, "Mrs. Mo, don't worry. Mr. Hiram is guilty to Miss Emma, so he did so. "

"I am fine! "She was not interested in the love between Hiram and Emma. After all, she and Hiram were unwilling to marry each other. She knew that he had someone in his heart, and so did she.

He should have known it!

While she was thinking, Colin suddenly came over. It seemed that the failure of the bidding had no effect on him at all. He still looked calm. "Alline, let's go together later. I have something to tell you! "As soon as he finished his words, his eyes swept across Hiram unconsciously.

Standing in front of Emma, Hiram looked down at her. She seemed to be the same as before, but seemed to be not. She had a bright face as usual, and she was in a business suit, with a simple and elegant watch on her wrists. His eyes were too direct, but the woman was calm as usual.

"Emma, you're back! "Finally, he called out.

"I'm sorry, sir. You got the wrong person! "The woman said in a clear voice.

Hearing that, Hiram was stunned for a while. There was a deep pain in his black eyes, but he quickly endured it. He showed a bitter smile. "Emma, I'm Hiram. Don't you remember me? "

"Who is Emma? And who are you? "The woman's eyes were direct, as cold as snow.

Her words almost defeated him. He opened his mouth and muttered after a long time "You are still blaming me. I'm sorry, Emma. I didn't mean it at that time. I didn't expect that. "

"Sir, what are you talking about? I don't understand! "The woman interrupted him quickly.

"Emma, come with me. I can explain to you what happened that year! "He suddenly grabbed Emma's wrist and pulled her up from the seat. Only then did Ray, who had been sitting silently beside, stand up and say "Sir, didn't you hear what my fiancée said? She doesn't know you at all. If you keep pestering her like this, I don't mind taking legal actions! "

After saying that, it was silent in the room. The conference room seemed to be frozen, and the remaining people looked at each other. Even Alline, who had been staying out of the matter, could not help but raise her head in surprise. At that moment, her eyes were full of unconcealed surprise.

Hiram's eyes were more direct, like a knife, cutting at Ray. "What did you say? I beg your pardon! "

"Mr. Hiram, I just said that Nancy had engaged to me. She is my fiancée now! Who are you to badger my fiancée here

going to take Colin home? "Hiram, when did I say that I would take Colin home? "She suddenly paused and looked at him. "I don't care about your business. Why do you meddle in my business? And your lover has come back. Don't you plan to divorce me? "

All of a sudden, he turned the steering wheel, pulled over the car and slammed on the brake. Alline almost bumped into her forehead. He said, "Alline, do you want to divorce me as soon as possible so that you can be with your ex-boyfriend? Let me tell you, even if I divorce you, do you think you can marry into the Mu family with your identity? "

Looking at him, she didn't know what he was doing. When this man was angry, his gloomy eyes were full of rage, as if he was going to swallow her alive. She didn't know when she had offended him again. "What on earth do you mind? I don't mind your relationship with Emma. Why do you mind mine? Besides, you don't like me at all. Why can't I divorce you? It's none of your business whether I can marry Colin in the future? "

Although she was a little surprised about Colin's identity today and didn't expect that he would be the young master of the Mu group, Colin did tell her that he was taken back the Mu group after his brother's accident. In the past few years, he had been taking care of his mother who was seriously ill abroad. Since he began to take over the Mu group, he was now noble, and she was ordinary and divorced. It was indeed very difficult for her to marry to the Mu family in the future. What did he say was right, but why did he meddle in her future affairs!

"You ungrateful woman! "Hiram was furious. This woman had become bolder since she took his nude photos. She always quarreled with him and was never polite to him. And now, she wanted to divorce him for her ex-boyfriend!

She wanted to get back together! She was dreaming! He would not do as she wished!

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