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   Chapter 36 You Ungrateful Woman (Part One)

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Alline was worried and asked "Are you all right? Do you want to have a rest in the afternoon? Jenny and the others will be responsible for the bidding. "He was too emotional to participate in the bidding.

The palms of Hiram were covered with sweat, and there was an indescribable pain spreading in the bottom of his heart. He looked straight at Emma, who was opposite to him, but she did not look up at him. She did not even save a glance at him, as if they were just strangers. At that moment, his heart was so painful that he could hardly breathe, and even his heart seemed to stop beating.

Five years ago, a big fire had burned all his hopes. He had collected the bones of Emma himself, but now she appeared in front of him. Then who had died in the fire five years ago?

At the thought of this, Hiram felt like falling into an ice cave. He had been remorseful for five years, but he didn't expect that the God would make such a big joke to him again. She was still alive. He looked in the direction of the two, and Emma turned her head to talk to the man beside her. Looking at this painting alone, he felt calm and peaceful. But at that moment, his heart seemed to be tightly gripped. He stood up all of a sudden, but Alline grabbed his sleeve and asked "What do you want to do? "

"Let me go! "Hiram said unhappily.

"Hiram, I don't care if she is Emma or not, but you can't go there now. You can do whatever you want after the bidding. "Alline stared at him. She had heard from Jenny that this bidding was very important and they couldn't lose!

If he left, it must mess up, so she couldn't let him go to find her now!

Even if she was Emma, that was still impossible!

All of a sudden, he grabbed her wrist with his backhand more and more tightly. The force was enough to crush her wrist. She frowned in pain, but didn't say anything, just looking at him with burning black eyes. "Alline, who do you think you are? It's none of your business! "

"Hiram, do you want everyone to laugh at you! "Alline refuted.

Behind him, Jenny was very worried. She knew what Miss Emma meant to Mr. Hiram, but he shouldn't have been impu

appeared to influence his judgment and vigilance, so he didn't have time to investigate the matter of Guan group at the last moment. It seemed that Emma really hate him!

If he hadn't been in a trance, the Gu group might win, but everything had been over. Hiram even felt that if this was what Emma wanted, he could actually give it to her!

Back then, he owed her so much, and now a project was impossible to make up!

Some people were complacent, while some were disappointed. Some sighed, while some were happy. At the last moment, Jacob finally sent the information of the Guan group. The family was a new family in HC City in the past two years. It was said that the family started with real estate, but in the past two years, there was no news about it, which confused everyone. If it was not for this bidding, probably no one knew in the past two years came such a mysterious family that could compete with others silently in HC City.

All of a sudden, Hiram stood up. It seemed that the failure of the bidding just now had no impact on him, but Alline was depressed. She thought that the old saying went right-men were all fond of mountains and rivers but more keen on beautiful ladies. Obviously, he was the latter. The appearance of Emma had disrupted his whole plan. However, Alline knew that the company didn't belong to her. She was just a temporary assistant, and it had nothing to do with her if it won or lost.

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