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   Chapter 34 Rivals In Love

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Alline felt a pain in her waist, and Hiram had already pinched her waist hard. Her face turned pale with pain, and her eyes were full of embarrassment. Looking at Colin, she bit the bullet and said "Colin, this is Mr. Hiram! "

"I'm Mr. Hiram? "He reminded her in her ear in a strange way, and at the same time, he pinched her again. He saw the two of them from a distance. In public, they stood closely together. The man was tall and handsome, and the woman was beautiful. From afar, they were a perfect match. At that moment, Hiram was unhappy!

As his wife, how could she flirt with others outside? She was not afraid of losing face for him?

His grip made Alline sweat. She really wanted to slap him away. What on earth was he doing? Did he want her to introduce him as her husband to Colin? It was losing Colin's face! There were so many people here, and she just bit her lips and didn't make a sound. Turning his head to look at Colin, Hiram saw that person was extremely unhappy. 'Even if you said that Alline was your girlfriend, I was the only one who could be close to her outside.' Hiram thought. "Who am I to you, Alline? Why didn't you tell Mr. Colin! "

He addressed the name-Colin, as if he was going to tear the word apart.

With one hand holding her briefcase tightly, she was afraid that the computer would fall to the ground if she loosened it. "Mr. Hiram, you are my boss. Should I report to my boyfriend? Or you don't want to hide your marriage? "She whispered the last sentence in his ear. She almost forgot that her marriage with Hiram was a secret. Now no one in the world knew that they two were married!

Thinking of this, Alline was suddenly relieved.

She and Hiram were just a secret couple, so they still pretended to be a stranger to each other in front of outsiders.

Hiram smiled slightly. "Honey, you win! "His voice was also lowered so that only the two of them could hear it. But they both had bright smiles on their faces, which were even more dazzling than the blossoms in March.

Looking at the small movements of them in private, Colin couldn't help clenching his fists. This was the so-called discord between them. In his opinion, the relationship between the two people was probably extremely good! At that moment, his heart sank and he suddenly had a bad feeling, but he quickly calmed down. He smiled gently and said "Since you are Alline's boss, please take care of her in the future! "Then he said politely "We have something else to do. Talk to you later! "

Hiram nodded politely, as if he was a good boss. But obviously, Colin didn't think so. The two men's eyes met and sparkled, just as the saying went, when rivals in love met, they were jealous!

But soon, they looked away as if nothing had happened.

After Colin went far away, Hiram let go of Alline and looked at her meaningfully "Your ex-boyfriend? "He asked slowly.

Alline nodded in panic "Yes, he is. "

"Well, you have a deep relationship with him. Look at you just now, you seem to be reluctant to lea

Hiram leaned over and whispered in her ear. "It is said that another company, the Guan group, will arrive in the afternoon, please check the background of this company. "This was the internal information he got just now. The Guan group came secretly. He had never liked to be unprepared, so he asked Alline to check the background at this time.

Because during the meeting, Hiram talked very close to her, especially when he turned around after saying, his thin lips almost grazed her ear, Alline felt a blush on her cheeks, and an indescribable ambiguity spread between them.

When she raised her head by accident, Colin looked at her. Their eyes met. Alline wanted to comfort him with a smile, but she felt that it was too abrupt to do this at this time, so she could only lower her head and continue to help Hiram investigate the information.

However, the information on the computer was limited. She searched for a long time for nothing, so she shook her head helplessly.

It seemed that Hiram was not surprised at all. He frowned slightly, which looked elegant and good-looking. Suddenly, he remembered something and said, "Please take a note. There are several places that need to be adjusted! "

She quickly took the pen and paper and recorded them.

The morning meeting ended very soon. Fortunately, both the Gu group and the Mu group, which were represented by Hiram and Colin separately, had passed smoothly, and the final result would come out in the afternoon. As for the Guan group told by Hiram, no one knew its strength!

But judging from the attitude of the person in charge, the strength of that company could not be underestimated.

But when did such a company appear in HC City? It was abnormal that no information could be searched out for it!

After Alline cleaned up the table, Colin suddenly came over, ignoring the current circumstance, and seemed not to see that Hiram was still sitting next to her. He held her into his arms regardless of any scruple. "Have lunch together, dear? "

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