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   Chapter 33 Colin, You Can't Wait For Me

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 8833

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Tears finally fell down from her eyes. Alline told him what had happened. Colin's face darkened and almost dripped. Alline said, "I have no choice. I have to marry Hiram. "

"Hiram Mo? "Mr. Hiram from the Mo family in L city?" Colin repeated. "

At the mention of the Mo family, an unknown darkness flashed through Colin's eyes. Alline married into Mo family. At that moment, Colin couldn't tell how he felt. He just felt that anger was surging in the bottom of his heart, roaring, and almost didn't surge out.

But after years of training, he quickly calmed down. He couldn't be angry now. Alline was emotionally unstable. He didn't want her emotions to fall to the bottom. In a word, he hoped that she could tell him everything!

It turned out that that man was Alline's husband that night. Thinking of this, Colin's heart sank a little.

Alline nodded, "I haven't seen you for a long time. Before we got married, I had been waiting for your news. If you came back, I would go with you regardless of anything. But you didn't come back. I called you before, but I couldn't get through. I had no choice. Cathy couldn't find my brother Sven. I had been very sorry for him at that time. I couldn't let anything happen to him because of me! "

Her eyes were as red as a rabbit's. No matter how much injustice she had suffered in the past, she had never been like this. Even if she was bullied by Nicole, she had been enduring it. But today, she was so haggard and pitiful, which made Colin feel sorry for her. "It's not your fault. It's my fault that I didn't come back in time to get married. Alline, I'm sorry, I came back too late! "

"Colin, don't you blame me? Asked Alline uneasily.

"Why should I blame you? There are some things that you can't control. If I want to blame it, I can only blame God! Colin said bitterly, but he was still worried about Alline's mood. "Alline, as long as you still love me, it's okay. "

"Don't you care? "

"Care about what? I don't have a virgin complex, and you are the woman I love most in my life. I didn't protect you well in the past and made you suffer, but from now on, I won't let you suffer any more. "

"Colin... "

"Don't worry. I'll take care of your brother's business. I'll help you find him. Then you can divorce with Hiram and we two can get married again. You used to say that you would go to France to get married if we had the chance. We'll buy a manor and then we'll get married in the manor. Colin said seriously.

His description was so beautiful. Looking at the way Colin looked at her, Alline sighed slightly, "But... She closed her eyes and her eyelashes tr

rned on the computer, she was absorbed in the documents that Hiram had given her. She didn't have dinner and went to bed until she was too sleepy. It was not until the second day that Hiram called her to come out then she realized that she hadn't finished reading the documents and her mind was in a daze. She only remembered a few numbers.

She quickly packed up and was about to go out.

As soon as she walked out of the elevator, she saw another elevator open at the same time. A group of people came out, and the leader was Colin. Different from yesterday's casual dress, he was dressed very formally today. The white shirt and the dark suit made him handsome and tall. When Colin saw her, he was stunned, but quickly came over. "Alline, why are you here? "

Alline was surprised to see Colin. She suddenly smiled and said, "I just returned to HC City yesterday. What are you going to do? She looked at Colin's dressing and the accompanying people. They must have business to talk about.

"We're going to attend a bidding. What about you? Colin said casually, "Do you have time tonight? I'll treat you to dinner! "

"I don't think she has time tonight! "All of a sudden, a voice came in. It was from Hiram. He was wearing the same formal suit and tie today. He looked like a real man, but he didn't look good. He stared at Alline. When he came over, he pulled Alline into his arms and asked, "Who is this? "

"I'm Colin, I'm Alline's boyfriend. Before Alline could say anything, Colin had already said.

Hearing that, a meaningful smile played at the corners of Hiram's mouth, but he looked at Alline. There was no joy or anger on his handsome face, but his black eyes were about to be deep and bright. "Alline, don't you want to introduce me? "

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