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   Chapter 32 Did She Force You To Get Married

Fail To Fall Out Of Love By Li Qing Characters: 8517

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In the past three years, more than 1000 days and nights, Alline had been searching for information about him. She had gone to the places they had been to, but she couldn't find him. She had been wondering if she had done something wrong in the past, so Colin didn't want her, so he had left quietly. She had recalled what had happened between them, but there weren't.

Colin left without warning and didn't even leave a message to her. Looking at her with arrogance, Nicole said, "Alline, you deserve to be abandoned like your mother. You deserve it. Do you really think that Colin likes you? Let me tell you, you are just a wild girl that no one wants. He is just playing with your feelings with you! "

Alline wanted to slap Nicole crazily. When everyone pulled the two of them apart, the two of them were both in a mess. When the servants of the Lou family came, Nicole asked two people to catch Alline and slapped her and almost beaten her to death.

At that time, she almost died, and Nicole didn't know how to control herself. If it weren't for Cathy, she might have died!

She had stayed in the hospital for more than half a month. Later, when Alline was discharged from the hospital, she didn't give up to look for Colin. But she found a lot of places, all the places they often went to, but she couldn't find him. She couldn't find him, as if he hadn't appeared. He didn't exist. Even his classmates and neighbors didn't know where he had gone.

She had been worried day and night that he had been kidnapped. She had been paying attention to all the newspapers and news. But she really couldn't find him. One person had disappeared for no reason by the side of another person. She guessed that he really abandoned her!

This fact made Alline feel cold and flustered. In addition, she had used up all her savings at that time, so she had no choice but to dance in the bar. Fortunately, Cathy was considerate that she was a student and asked her to dance with a mask. She did not expect that it would attract more guests.

She lived this life for three years. Three years later, she was forced to marry into Mo family by Lou family, and Colin appeared!

Alline cried hysterically in his arms. She seldom cried. When she was sad, she would only put herself in a quiet environment. But only in front of Colin, she would cry without scruple, like a child.

After a long time, Alline stopped crying and asked, "Colin, where have you been in the past three years? "

"Alline, I'm sorry. I left in a hurry that year and didn't

Alline, give me some more time. "

The stars in the sky were like a picture, and the night was gentle and affectionate. Alline tried her best to suppress her crying and said bitterly, "I'm sorry. There's one thing I haven't told you. Colin, in fact, I have already Married! "

Colin stood still and looked at her blankly.

"I got married three months ago. Alline didn't want to tear up this beautiful scene, but she had to.

"You.. I beg your pardon? Colin finally found his voice and asked in shock.

"I'm married. Colin, I'm sorry. I didn't keep my promise and married someone else! Alline felt that she dared not to face Colin. 'He is such a good man. He has been waiting for me, but I have been married.'

"Why? Why did you marry someone else? Have you forgotten? You promised to marry me! Colin tried hard to control his emotions and asked calmly, but his hands were trembling, and even Alline could feel it.

"Colin, let's break up! Said Alline in a low voice. She felt so heartbroken that she could hardly breathe. As soon as she met Colin, she had to face such a situation. She was so sad. All the sadness swept over her.

She felt that she was going to die and her life was torn apart by this pain.

"You... Colin suddenly grabbed her shoulder and forced her to look into his eyes, "Make it clear. What happened? Why did you get married? "

"Colin. Alline shook her head desperately and didn't know what to say. She could only repeat, "It's my fault. I'm a bad woman. I don't deserve you. I.. "

"Don't talk nonsense like that! "What happened?" suddenly, Colin said angrily. "Tell me, why did you get married? Did Nicole threaten you and force you to get married?" "

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