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   Chapter 29 Only Cook For Me

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Hearing his complaint, Alline didn't get displeased. After getting on the car, she felt that the atmosphere in the car had changed a lot. Hiram shrugged uncomfortably and said, "You haven't eaten anything yet, right? I called Zelda and asked her to cook your favorite dishes, as well as your favorite seaweed and sparerib soup. You should eat more later. You have lost weight recently. "

"Okay. Alline responded and she felt that her nose was a little sour.

Hiram added, "You are so thin that I can't even feel you when I hold you up. In fact, Alline, I prefer plump women! He said it seriously, but Alline rolled her eyes at him. This damned man! She glared at him and said, "If you really don't like me, you can divorce me at any time! "

Her words were understated, but Hiram sneered, "Alline, do you want to divorce me and be with that Colin? If you didn't mention it, I almost forgot who was the man you called last night? "

He actually knew Colin. She called Colin last night, which made Alline's face turn pale. "Nothing. It's just a friend. She answered indifferently, but her heart ached.

It had been three years since Colin came back. Would he never come back for the rest of his life? She even felt that what she saw last night was a phantom. After all, she was drunk at that time, and it was possible that she couldn't see it clearly!

Without continuing this topic, Hiram drove back to the Mo mansion. Then he pulled Alline's hand and walked towards his small yard. Being pulled by him, Alline's wrist ached and she couldn't help but cry out. He pushed her long sleeve away and saw the red mark on her wrist. He felt inexplicably pain in his heart. He held Alline's hand and looked at it carefully. After a long time, he took a deep breath and exhaled. He said in a trembling voice, "Fortunately, you're fine. I'll take you to apply medicine. "

After letting Hiram apply the medicine, the two of them went to the dining room. Zelda had already placed the dishes on the table. With a glance at them, Alline found that they were all her favorite dishes. She had a different taste from Hiram. All the members of the Mo family liked light food, but Alline liked spicy food, so she would feel greedy if there were no spicy food. However, after she married into the Mo family, because she was their daughter-in-law, she began to cater to them slowly. Sometimes she even thought that her taste should be light, but she would eat more when there were chili dishes. She didn't expect that Hiram would know her preferences.

She was a little moved, and her eyes seemed to be filled with tears. Alas, she was really disappointing. She was moved so easily. Hiram pulled out the chair, pulled her down, and said gently, "Have a taste. Do you like it? Zelda doesn't know much about Sichuan cuisine! "

Looking at the food were all spicy with red color, Alline forced the light in her eyes back as if nothing had happened. She put on a flower like smile and said, "Okay. "

Noticing that Hiram couldn't eat spicy food, in order to keep Alline company, he would eat spicy food. After a while, his pink lips turned red because of the spicy food, just like the blossoming peach flowers, which were extremely beautiful. He drank water while eating rice, complaining to his work, "I really don't know how you ate such spicy food? "

Alline smiled happily, "Drink more water! "

Putting down the bowl, Hiram looked at Alline strangely all of a sudden. Then he stretched out his hand and pulled her over, and then his lips pressed in. With his eyes wide open, Alline felt incredible. It was the first time that Hiram had kissed her.

After a long time, he let go of Alline who was blushed now and pursed his lips with satisfaction. "Ha ha, how does it taste? "

Hearing that, Susan's face turned even redder. This bad man, a ruffian, was ordinary and serious, but in fact, he was a rascal by nature. When she didn't speak, the voice of Hiram came faintly again. "Alline, don't think too much. I'm asking you how the dishes taste? "

Alline was so shy that she wanted to bury her face in the bowl. She took a few mou

thfuls of rice and replied seriously, "Of course the food tastes good. Zelda's cooking is getting better and better. If there is a chance, I must learn some dishes from her! "

"Next time, can you cook for me only? Hiram was in a good mood today. For some reason, he suddenly felt that although Alline looked very domineering, she was a pure girl by nature.

"Okay, I'll cook for you when I have the chance! Alline agreed with a smile.

After the two of them had dinner with a mischievous smile, Hiram sent Alline upstairs and whispered to her, telling her to remember to take medicine and go to bed early. He would come back early. He was so gentle that he didn't look like who he was before. Of course, Alline all agreed. She didn't ask Hiram who he had an appointment with.

Sometimes, women didn't need to ask too much.

After Hiram walked out of the door, Alline reluctantly looked away, put herself on the big bed and then fell asleep!

Three hours ago.

In a coffee shop, Vivian knew that Rebecca had been imitating the habits of Emma when she was alive. Every time she came back, she liked to ask Hiram to meet in Elegant Tea House. But Rebecca didn't know that Emma also liked to come here when she was alive, but Vivian didn't tell Rebecca. Sitting opposite Rebecca, Vivian looked at her as if Emma had been reborn.

Vivian sighed, "Rebecca, I always thought you would be my sister-in-law! "

It would be fine if she didn't say that. But soon, a layer of mist appeared in Rebecca's beautiful eyes, which blurred his smart eyes. "Vivian, don't say that. Hiram has been married. "

Vivian took a sip of coffee and felt bitter in her mouth. "Alas, you don't know how hard Hiram has been these years! "

How could she not know? She knew better than anyone else that tears rolled down from Rebecca's eyes all of a sudden. When her sister had an accident, it was hard for Hiram to live. He even planned to commit suicide. If they hadn't found it earlier, Hiram would have died long ago. Later, he had a car accident, and he had even given up himself and refused to accept treatment. His legs were about to decay. His mother knelt in front of him and begged him. His grandpa Ethan cursed him. These curses were not enough to wake him up. Later, it was Rebecca who woke him up from despair in Emma's clothes and combed Emma's hair. She was willing to stay with Hiram in the past, but he drove her away and let her go abroad.

She hadn't graduated from University at that time, so she had to focus on her study first. Hiram was a doctor, she couldn't be much worse than him, so every year she would only spare some time to come back. "Hiram is fine now. As long as I can watch him all the time, I will be fine. You know that Grandpa Ethan doesn't allow him to divorce. Even if he doesn't like his current wife, there is nothing I can do. "

While saying that, Rebecca wanted to cry again.

In the past few years, she had been as gentle and quiet as water. When she was a little uncomfortable, tears fell down, just like a beauty in tears. Vivian pulled a few tissues and handed them to her. She sighed heavily and often, "In fact, you don't know how Hiram lived these years. He married a strange woman and slept with her every day. Hiram couldn't move his legs before, and that woman mocked her every day. There were photos of Emma at home, and the woman asked people to throw them away, saying that they were annoying. Emma had been gone for so many years. Why did she fight with a dead person? Hiram wanted to divorce her, but grandpa Ethan didn't agree. His uncle said that the woman's mother had saved his wife in the past, so they couldn't get divorced, but Hiram lived a sad life every day. It was very painful. I saw it. I always thought that if Emma was still alive, Hiram wouldn't have to marry that woman. After she finished speaking, she couldn't help but sigh.

Hearing that, Rebecca's eyes turned red again and tears fell uncontrollably. She said in a sad voice, "What can I do? She was also sad for Hiram, but what could she do? As long as Grandpa Ethan didn't agree, they couldn't divorce.

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