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   Chapter 24 It's Not Appropriate To Always Separate

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Outside the window, it was already bright. After tossing and turning all night, Hiram pulled a long face suddenly. Alline dared to call another man's name in front of him. He really wanted to strangle her. He tried to make his voice sound calm. "Alline, you look me clearly, who I am? What did she call, Colin?

Who was Colin?

Was he her boyfriend?

This woman was married. There was nothing in her ten fingers, and there was no ring on them. She must have seduced many men outside by saying that she hadn't been married.

After the injection, Alline's condition eased a little. Squinting her beautiful eyes, she asked, "Hiram? "

"It's not easy for you to remember who your husband is! Hiram said ironically.

How could she not remember her husband, whom she had to marry. Before she married to the Mo family, a project of Lou family was stuck in the Mo family, and the Mo family had been refusing to accept the project. The financial chain of Lou family was broken and it could not be recovered, so the Lou family had made up their mind to unite with Mo family by marriage. Although the Mo family was well-known, no young girl was willing to marry a cripple, and a legendary eccentric man. Celine didn't want Nicole to marry in Mo family, so she made Alline to marry Hiram with some tricks. Later, Alline knew that her brother was picked up by Lou family, and then William trapped Cary. It was really wonderful to see Alline jump into the trap.

Hiram, the man she didn't want to get involved with him, but she had to.

She couldn't get rid of him all her life.

Despair flashed through Alline's eyes, but her eyes were wet and bright, because her skin was morbid white after the fever. "I didn't forget. It was already dawn. Although Alline moved a little, she felt a little embarrassed because she was naked.

"Honey, it's good that you haven't forgotten it! Hiram didn't know why, but he suddenly held Alline in his arms and kissed her cold lips. Because of the medicine she took last night, her lips were a little bitter, and her lips were tight as if they were made of iron. However, such a kiss without deep meaning made him more and more addicted to it. The desire that he had been repressed for a long time suddenly aroused. Hiram felt like a fire was burning in his heart, and his reason was ignited at one point one.

"Alline -" he called her name in a low voice, "Can you stop going to work today? "

"No. Alline said while dodging.

However, the more he pushed her, the tighter he became. The skin of the two people clung to each other, and there was a kind of special tenderness. He felt so comfortable that he sighed slightly. "My darling, the company is ours. What's wrong with not going to work for a day? Can you stay with me at home today? "

His kiss made Alline dizzy. This man's kiss was overbearing and not gentle, which made her unable to resist. Soon, there was a sweet sound of kiss in the room...

In the main house, all the people of Mo family had arrived, but only Hiram and Alline hadn't arrived. After asking the servants, they knew that Alline was sick last night. Ethan asked the servants to prepare some porridge and dishes for them, but Vivian stood up and said, "Grandpa Ethan, I'm full. Let me send it to Hiram and Alline! "

Ethan glanced at her and finally nodded, "Okay, go ahead! "

The servant was well prepared, fearing that the food they didn't like, so they prepared porridge, eggs, cake and milk, fried dough and soy milk, and more than a dozen kinds of pickles. Vivian followed the servant to the house of Hiram. As soon as they entered the living room, Zelda came over and said, "Miss Vivian! "

"Are Hiram and Alline still sleeping? Vivian asked casually.

"Mrs. Mo had a high fever last night and just fell asleep. Zelda said.

"Then I'll go upstairs to see her! All the Mo family members knew that Hiram and his wife had been sleeping in separate rooms. Although Ethan also knew about this situation, he did not interfere in the matter of them. Because Hiram had always been prejudiced against the marriage of Alline married into Mo family. Ethan had always wanted to have a great grandson as soon as possible, but this young couple should not be taught too much, which may lead to the opposite result. Therefore, Ethan only turned a blind eye to this matter. Now he had to wait for them to get along well with each other, it would be natural for them to do so.

Before Zelda could say anything, Vivian had already gone upstairs to the two floor with a food box in her hand. "Miss Vivian, Mrs. Mo is also sleeping..."

The second floor was very quiet. The servants hadn't come up to clean it, but Vivian heard a different groan. Even though she was a young girl who didn't have so many experience, her face suddenly flu


Alline's gentle moan came out of the master bedroom, and then Hiram suppressed his low breath. He said those obscene honeyed words, "Look at you, Alline, you're so enchanting now, but you still say you don't want me... "

"Alline, you're such a temptress. You are so charming! "

Hearing the voice, Vivian felt that her mind was a little empty. For a moment, she stood still in a daze. Soon, her calm heart suddenly burst into a fire, and then broke into pieces. The woman who should have been by the side of Hiram was her. She had waited for him for five years, she dreamed that he could look back at her, but he didn't. Mason Mo even asked him to marry her, who was an irrelevant woman. It was her had been with Hiram for five years. His wife should be her!

The Mo family didn't attach much importance to the bloodline. The relationship between this family and the Jing family had been unclear for many years, and the bloodline was chaotic. Every generation of the Jing family's daughter would marry into the Mo family, which was a rule passed down from their ancestors. However, this rule had been broken since their uncle married Christa, but Emma had been engaged to the Mo family since childhood.

But why couldn't she? Why didn't Hiram look back at her.

Thinking of this, Vivian felt that she was going crazy! She was driven crazy by the sound in the room! Why did Hiram want to touch that woman? Just like what she did when she came here, Vivian went downstairs silently, pushed the food box in her hand, and then ran out, back to her own small courtyard. Then she threw herself on the bed, and tears fell down silently...

After having sex with Hiram, Alline felt that her bones were about to fall apart. She also wanted to resist, but she was too weak to do so. Last night, she had been burnt for the whole night, and had no strength at all. She was like the fish on the scalpel, being slaughtered. Perhaps Hiram had noticed that it was her first time and did not force her to have sex again. He took her into the bathroom and took a shower with her before putting her on the big bed. After feeding her medicine, he hugged her from behind. Touching her body, he said, "From now on, you can sleep on my bed. We are a couple. It's not appropriate for us to always separate! And as a wife, you have to fulfill your duty as a wife, understand? "

Alline didn't say anything. The memory of last night was in a mess. She seemed to see Colin. She seemed to hear someone calling her name. Alline, Alline, someone fed her to take medicine, bathed her, and dried her hair. But her memory was too chaotic. She couldn't figure it out for a while. Her brain was dizzy, and she had no strength at all. She didn't want to speak, nor did she want to speak.

"Alline? Seeing that she didn't respond, Hiram couldn't help pinching her chest hard. It hurt so much that Alline trembled and became a little sober. She opened her eyes in a daze, but there was already mist in them, "I hear you. "

Now that she had married someone, Alline knew that she had to perform her duty as a wife, not to mention that she had no right to change anything at the beginning and end of this marriage. But she did not understand why Hiram was interested in her body?

He hated her so much yesterday. Why did he change overnight? She didn't understand.

Her head was still aching, but her vision was getting blurred. She fell asleep again.

In the afternoon, Alline woke up and felt sore all over her body. When she moved, she bumped into the man behind her. The man was awakened by her action and asked in a daze, "Are you feeling better? Then he put his hand under her armpit and touched her forehead. It was not hot at all. Then he hooked his arm and pulled her into his arms." Why don't you sleep more? "

"I can't fall asleep. In fact, from last night till now, Alline hasn't eaten anything. Her stomach was full of wine last night. She was really hungry, but it's not time for dinner now, but she insisted getting up.

"Then I'll get up and have some food with you. It was rare for Hiram to be so considerate.

However, Alline broke free from his arms and said lightly, "You can sleep a little longer. I'll clean up and go out to eat something. The most important thing was that she didn't want to stay in the same room with him. She felt very uncomfortable when she smelt his body.

In fact, Hiram hadn't slept enough last night. He didn't fall asleep until ten o'clock in the morning. Now it was only two o'clock in the afternoon. He was still a little sleepy. He turned over in a daze and fell asleep again. When the phone rang, he frowned unhappily, but he still picked it up. "Hello, who is it? "

"Hiram, what are you busy with? It was an elegant female voice from the other end of the line.

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