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   Chapter 389 Negotiation (Part One)

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Lily smiled and looked a little lonely as she squinted at the ground. "Steve is nice to me."

"That's good. I'm relieved to see you live a good life." Carlson nodded. His fingers were on the armrest of the sofa, and the wedding ring on his ring finger was shining with sunlight.

After the Spring Festival, the weather was not so cold and it seldom snowed. In fact, it was not too cold in this area. At most, it snowed a little in winter. After the Spring Festival, there was basically no snow, and the weather gradually warmed up. The sunshine in winter was really good.

Carlson was enjoying the sunshine. Now he was sitting on the sofa and only his hand with the ring could touch the sunshine. So he flicked his fingers happily and tapped the leather sofa slightly.

When Lily raised her head, she saw the radiance of his wedding ring. For a moment, she was dazzled by the radiance and felt that it was just a dream, and even Carlson's marriage was just a dream.

Staring at the wedding ring with blurred eyes, Lily asked, "Have you been worried about me before?"

"I don't know why you chose Stephen. It was a commercial marriage arranged by Mr. Martin, but you still married him. Of course I'm worried about you."

Lily pursed her lips and smiled faintly. Instead of talking about her marriage, she only asked, "How are you doing with Leena?"

Carlson stopped flicking fingers and subconsciously gathered his fingers. His ten fingers crossed on his abdomen, and his elbows were against the armrests.

When Lily was studying abroad, she had majored in psychology. She knew that such an action of Carlson meant resistance. When people were talking, if they switched from a very relaxed posture to one where their hands were clasped in front of their chest, in fact, it was an invisible resistance to other's problems.

Seeing this, Lily already knew the answer, but she was still waiting for Carlson's answer. However, Carlson just said lightly, "I get along well with her."

Lily took the initiative to attack. She sneered, "Don't deceive yourself anymore, Carlson. How are you doing with Leena? You can hide it from others, but why do you hide it from me? I watched you two develop along the way. In fact, I know how you are doing."

Carlson didn't expect her to say that. He stared at her and frowned.

Lily looked straight into his eyes. At that moment, Lily really changed. She was completely different from the gentle and beautiful woman before, which made Carlson feel that he didn't know her. She said, "After my father died, I knew clearly what everyone was arguing about. You always wanted to get a notebook, but it was nowhere to be found. The only clue was in Leena. But Leena has never helped y

interests were damaged. But why don't you think about it? If the Qin Family and the Feng Family always fight against each other, it would be a loss for both sides. On the contrary, the outsiders would take advantage of us. Wouldn't revenge affect interests? Now that they had been tit for tat because of interests, why do we have to take revenge all the time even if we know that revenge would damage interests? Why can't we change our mind to a win-win one to retrieve the interests of each other?"

"What do you mean?" Carlson frowned and suddenly didn't understand Lily's purpose. In fact, Lily had always been smart, but she was inexperienced at that time. Her analysis was right, and it was not difficult to see that she was really a very smart woman.

"I want to cooperate with you. Now my father is gone, and your direct enemy is gone. Why can't you cooperate with me? Carlson, considering our previous relationship, I won't hurt you, and you won't hurt me either. We can have a win-win situation."

"What benefits can I get from cooperating with you?" Carlson frowned. In fact, he didn't like Lily to profit from their previous relationship. Although he didn't get what he wanted back then, he cherished it very much and thought that he would only remember such a sincere relationship for the rest of his life. It could be said that it was a pure white lotus in his heart. But Lily wanted to profit from it now, wasn't she afraid of being destroyed in the future?

Lily didn't realize the dissatisfaction of Carlson at all. She was still immersed in her own self-confidence and fantasy. She was confident that with their previous love, Carlson might agree to cooperate with her and have a bright future. "Carlson, you asked what benefits you could get. What if I say you can get the whole Empire Group?"

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