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   Chapter 388 Why She Came

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"Mom, don't worry about me. I can handle it myself." Leena didn't want her mother to get involved in this matter, so she refused coldly. It also proved that she was guilty. Because she didn't know how to answer her mother's question, she didn't want her mother to interfere again.

Mrs. Yang stared at her for a while, lowered her head and sighed. Then Leena went out.

In fact, Mrs. Yang's worry was reasonable. Leena also faintly sensed that there was something wrong between her and Carlson, but she ignored it. However, it did not mean that the situation would not get worse.

Just as Leena went out to deal with Rena's matter, Carlson returned home. Early in the morning, he went to see Leena at his mother-in-law's house. He was worried about her because Leena said that she was almost kidnapped last night, so h

hy Lily came here today and what she meant by saying that.

Lily said, "Besides, I found that my poster and photo frame which were originally hung in the guest room are also gone. Have you put them away?"

Finally, Carlson looked up at her without saying anything.

Lily explained, trying to dispel the embarrassment, "I can understand. You have married Leena, and Leena cares so much about the love between you and me. I don't think she will allow you to keep this photo album or my photos all the time. So I can understand even if you tear it apart."

"Lily, how are you doing after you get married?"

Carlson was really worried about Lily, so he asked. Lily's behavior today was so strange that he couldn't help thinking about whether Lily was having a bad time, so she came to him to remember the old days.

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