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   Chapter 387 An Early Call In The Morning

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She lowered her head and looked at the notes in the notebook. Suddenly, she remembered the words of Daniel and then the words of her mother. Did she do something wrong? Or did she fail to understand some part?

Leena didn't want to think about it so she went to bed, but she knew that she couldn't live a peaceful life from tonight on.

The second day, Leena was woken up by a phone call. When she opened her eyes, she found that it was still dark outside. The night was long in winter, and the temperature in the morning was very low, and most of the time it was cold. Except for the office workers who had to commute to work, ordinary people wouldn't get up so early. So it was unusual for her to receive a series of calls in the early morning.

Leena was used to turning her phone to night mode from 12 o'clock pm to 7 o'clock am, so the phone was in silent mode and the phone didn't ring. Although it was still dark outside, it must be after 7 o'clock since the phone had rung.

Leena sat up from the bed, fumbled her phone on the cabinet and answered the phone lazily.

"Hello, who is this? What's up?"

"Are you up? I'm downstairs. Would you like to come down and open the door for me?" It was Carlson on the other end of the phone, and his voice was a little trembling. It seemed that it was very cold outside.

At last, Leena groped for the alarm to see what time it was. She was surprised to find that it was only 7:10. Carlson came so early.

Without thinking too much, Leena put on her clothes and went downstairs to open the door for him. The apartment was on the fifth floor, so there was still a long way to go before she went downstairs to open the door. She walked with cotton slippers and became soberer. She suddenly didn't understand why Carlson came to her house so early.

When Leena walked to the second floor, she stopped. She remembered that her mother gave her back the notebook. Did Carlson come here for the notebook? Where should she put her notebook?

While Leena was hesitating, her phone rang again. The stairway of the second floor was wide enough that the people on the first floor could hear the phone ring. Realizing that she didn't have time to hide it, she had to hang up the phone and continue walking towards downsta

e breakfast together later."

Carlson looked down at his watch and said, "No, thanks, mom. There will be a guest at home later. I have to go back."

Mrs. Yang was stunned by his blunt refusal. She glanced at Leena and nodded, "Okay."

The three of them were a little embarrassed. Finally, Leena said, "Mom, you can go ahead with your work. I'll stay with Carlson."

Mrs. Yang didn't refuse and went to make breakfast.

Later, as expected, Carlson left without having breakfast. After sending him away, Leena went into the kitchen to help her mother, who asked her, "Did you give the notebook to Carlson?"

"No, I'm going to use it to save Rena," said Leena absent-mindedly

Mrs. Yang scooped up the noodles and said, "If you use it to save Rena, you are giving the notebook to the opponent of Carlson. If he knows, your relationship may get worse again."

"I don't want to be involved in conflicts of interests with him. We are supposed to be a couple. I'm tired."

"He is more tired than you. Maybe he is also wondering why you refuse to help him."

"If I help him, Rena will die. I can't give up on Rena."

"Have you ever thought that he might get some news since he came here so early this morning?"

"What news?"

Mrs. Yang sighed, "Silly girl, what kind of person is Carlson? How could he not know what you have done? He can even find out what I have done. Maybe he is just testing you this morning. Didn't he say that he had a guest at home? What will he do if you let him down?"

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