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   Chapter 385 The Return Of The Notebook (Part Two)

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Carlson asked her if she had got the notebook from her mother.

Leena was annoyed by his question. She almost had an accident tonight. Instead of asking what she was calling for, Carlson asked her about the notebook first. She felt very disappointed and sad, so she was very upset.

Leena said indifferently, "My mother said she had destroyed it, and she didn't mention anything else to me now. I'm wondering what will you do if she really destroyed it."

"What do you mean 'what will we do'?" Carlson said in a disapproving tone.

Leena laughed, "Aren't you and Dylan have the same attitude towards this matter?"

"Leena, haven't you heard what I said to you yesterday? You shouldn't be so stubborn at this time!"

Leena was silent.

Carlson sighed and said, "Whatever I do is to live up to your expectations in the future. I know you don't want me to be hurt, so why can't you help me get through the difficulties?"

Leena didn't say anything.

"Will you come home these days?"

"No. I have to deal with Rena's matter."

"Okay, but there might be a guest in our house these days. If you don't come, just forget it," said Carlson.

Leena was not interested in his so-called guest and didn't want to ask more. When she was about to hang up the phone, she said, "Carlson, in fact, I nearly had an accident tonight. The person who had kidnapped Rena almost kidnapped me. I hid in a company and didn't dare to come out for a long time. At that time, I wanted to call you for help, but I didn't. Instead, I called Spencer. You were my husband, but I didn't ask you for help when I am in trouble. Do you know why? I don't know why I have made such a decision."

"What's wrong with you?" Carlson asked with a frown.

Leena said, "Nothing. It's just... I feel... We never trust and depend on each other. You see, I can pass throu

her college entrance examination scores. She was very disappointed to find that she did much worse than her expectation. She found that she could only pass the admission score of key university by 30 points, which was abnormal according to her previous scores. So she was very sad. That night, she couldn't fall asleep. She walked to the living room, sat down, and cried. When her mother heard her cry, she got up and sat in the living room with her. She talked and comforted her until the small hours. Her mother didn't carry her back to her room until she fell asleep.

The moment her mother carried her, Leena woke up, but she didn't move on purpose and kept lying on her mother's shoulder. At that time, she was happy. She thought even if she failed in the college entrance examination, with her mother's support, she had nothing to be afraid of. So she was moved and couldn't help but burst into tears. Maybe her mother also knew that she had woken up. She was an adult now. How could she not be awakened when someone carried her on her back? But her mother didn't say anything, probably because she knew that she didn't want to move. She carried her back to the room, lay her on the bed and tucked her in before going out.

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