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   Chapter 384 The Return Of The Notebook (Part One)

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It was a call from an unknown number. For a moment, she thought it the people who kidnapped Rena. She looked up at Spencer, who was also looking at her.

After thinking for a while, Leena answered the phone.

"Hello." She lowered her voice.

The person on the other end of the line was silent for a while before replying. A low male voice said, "Is this Leena?"

Leena felt that she was almost out of breath, because the voice sounded so familiar. Did it mean that the people who kidnapped Rena were those who had done bad things before. Did Alina do it?

Leena replied, frowning, "Who are you? What do you want?"

The man seemed to have chuckled and his low voice was full of contempt. He didn't beat around the bush with Leena, but directly asked, "If you want to save Rena, just give me the notebook. It has been several days. You have got plenty of time to find it!"

Hearing that, Leena was suffocated in an instant. It was really the people who kidnapped Rena. Then the sudden appearance of the black car tonight was no accident and two men with sunglasses who got out of the car were also the men who had kidnapped Rena. Fortunately, she ran fast enough, or she would have been kidnapped too!

Leena's hands were shaking slightly, and even Spencer, who was standing next to her, could clearly saw its shaking. When he was about to ask her, Leena began to speak again.

"How can I give you the notebook? And what's your purpose? Have you done anything to Rena these days?"

Leena tried her best to calm down, but she didn't know that her voice was trembling when it passed through the microphone. Spencer could tell, so could the kidnapper on the other end of the phone.

The kidnapper laughed even more scornfully, "If you continue to stall, your friend may no longer trust you."

"What do you mean?" Leena frowned and thought his words were too abrupt. She couldn't follow him.

The person on the other end of the line didn't say anything. It seemed that he was holding the phone somewhere. Leena heard a strange voice. At first, she didn't know what it was, but then she heard a bark, and a woman's shout with her mouth covered. Vaguely, the s

in that place. It should be easier for police to hide."

"You're wrong. It's not easy for police to hide with so many people there, because they will notice if police are mobilized. And they are very smart."

"Then what's your plan?"

"I want to meet those people. Rena was kidnapped because of me. I have to bear the consequences. You only need to send a few people to protect me secretly."

"It's not the time to be willful."

"I'm not being willful. I just think that this might be the only solution. Haven't you noticed that those people haven't contacted you for so many days? You haven't found out the whereabouts of Rena. It means that those people don't trust you because you are one of the officiallings. They think you are too troublesome, so they don't want to contact you at all and turn to me. I can't even lose the last clue."

After a moment's silence, Spencer asked, "Do you have the notebook? Is the notebook still in your hand?"

After thinking for a while, Leena replied calmly, "I have an idea."

Leena asked Spencer to drive her home. When she arrived at her mother's house, she received a call from Carlson. Perhaps she had called him when she was hesitating in the company, and he had called her back when he saw the missed call. At that time, she was so nervous that she didn't notice how many times she had called him. In the end, she only called Spencer and had already forgotten that she had call Carlson.

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