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   Chapter 383 Black Car

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"What do you want to ask?" Asked Daniel.

Leena found out the message her mother had just sent to her and showed it to Daniel. The moment she raised her phone, Daniel glanced at it twice, and then his looks were different.

Seeing that his eyes twinkled obviously, Leena knew that her guess was right.

Staring at the screen of the phone, Daniel turned to Leena.

Leena said, "You saw the message yourself. My mother took the notebook away. She knew nothing about it, but she still took it away and told me that it was not good for me." After a pause, Leena continued, "My brother saw that you were in contact with my mother. You know what I want to say."

Daniel lowered his head and suddenly clasped his hands on the table, seeming a little nervous.

Observing his expression, Leena continued, "When I had a miscarriage, you wanted to take the notebook away from me in the hospital, but after my persuasion, you gave it back to me. I thought you cherished our friendship and I blamed myself for wronging you. But today I want to ask have I been wrong all the time? Did I misjudge you? Or you have always been like this?"

Still, Daniel didn't say anything. The atmosphere at the table suddenly became serious.

"Daniel, I just want to ask why you want to see my mother? Do you still want that notebook?"

Daniel moved his fingers a little and finally said, "I just want to help my cousin, Betty."

Hearing this, Leena was a little surprised, but also seemed to be approving.

Daniel looked up at her and said, "But I mean you no harm. Think about it. If I want to hurt you, your mother won't be persuaded by me. If the notebook is good for you, your mother won't help me either."

"So it's you who persuaded my mother to take away the notebook?"

"Yes, but..."

"I just want to know the truth. I don't want to hear your explanation!" Leena interrupted coldly. After a pause, she said sadly, "Whether the notebook is good for me or not, it belongs to me. I traded my life for it. Is it really appropriate for you to take it away like this? Do you really think the notebook can help Betty? What can it do for her? Can you help Betty if you take the notebook away?"

"It won't bring any benefits to the Feng Family, but we can't let it fall into the hands of outsiders. When my mother and I were in the United States, it was her and uncle who had been helping us. Now my uncle is dead, and my cousin has been taken

away from her. When he came, she would have been caught by them. So she decisively called Spencer and asked him to pick her up.

Leena had been hiding in the company during this time. She didn't go out until Spencer came in person. Looking around, the two men who had followed her and the black car were gone. It seemed that they had left.

After getting in the car, Spencer asked her, "What's wrong? Why did you call me out in a hurry?"

Leena said, "Someone followed me just now. They looked like the men who have kidnapped Rena."

"What?" Spencer was both surprised and angry. He wanted to get off the car to have a look.

Leena grabbed him, "What are you doing, Spencer?"

Spencer came to his senses and didn't go out to look for them. But he turned around and asked Leena, "Are you sure they are the ones that kidnapped Rena?"

Leena said, "I'm not sure. I just feel they are."

After hesitating for a while, Spencer called his friend, telling him that the kidnappers had appeared nearby. Later, Spencer drove Leena back. "Why did you come out alone at night? It's not safe recently. Devil Rena has been abducted. Why do you come out alone? Won't Carlson be worried?"

Leena said, "Let's not talk about me anymore. Have you find out anything about Rena's disappearance?"

"I've found some clues, but the kidnapper only contacted me once. He said that you were the key person. It seems that they want to get the notebook from you."

Leena kept silent for a while and frowned, "But they didn't contact me. They just suddenly appeared tonight..."

As soon as she finished her words, her phone rang.

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