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   Chapter 381 Returning Home

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In the morning, Leena was awakened by birds call. Carlson's house was in the suburb. This was a rich villa area. Each house covered a wide area, with a small garden for growing flowers and grass and keeping fish. The scenery of each house was different. There was a botanical garden not far from the villa cluster, so this area was quite quiet. Basically, as long as Leena lived at home, she could hear the bird singing every morning when she woke up. At first, she was surprised and wondered why there were so many birds here. But she gradually got used to it and didn't pay attention to it anymore. She hadn't been listened to the birds for a long time. In fact, if she listened carefully, she could really hear the birds' emotions in their calls.

Leena got up and found that her muscle was sore, but she could handle it. Carlson was no longer in the room. Maybe he had left for work. He always went to work early. Leena got up and took a hot shower in the bathroom. When she changed her clothes and went downstairs, Mandy told her that Carlson was working out in the gym at home.

Leena was stunned, but she didn't go to the gym to see what was going on. Instead, she had breakfast first and then sat outside to bask in the sun. When Carlson came over, Leena looked at him in the sunlight.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Carlson asked, "Up already?"

"Yes. Aren't you busy recently? "

Just when he was considering whether to nod or shake his head, his phone rang. In fact, Mandy brought the phone to him, because he put his phone in the living room when he went out to exercise. Carlson turned around and answered the phone. When he came back, he was clearly not as happy as he had just been exercised. Instead, he looked a little sad. He said to her, "I know who kidnapped Rena."

Leena stood up in a hurry and asked nervously, "Who did it?"

"You don't have to know that. I will handle it."

"Aren't you going to tell me? How is Rena now? Did those people do anything to her?"

"Rena's boyfriend Spencer is quite powerful, isn't he? He will deal with it even if I don't. What's to worry about?"

Clenching her teeth, L

ly, I bought enough food. I thought you wouldn't come back tonight, but I still bought some extra food, in case you come back!" Mrs. Yang walked into the kitchen and put the vegetables in the basket.

"Yanni said that you went out after lunch. It took you so long to buy vegetables?" Leena asked tentatively.

Mrs. Yang was stunned for a while. She didn't know if she was thinking. Her eyes twinkled. Then she said, "Oh, I went to see aunt May. I haven't gone to dance for a long time. They gathered together today, so I went there to have a chat with them."

"Oh..." Leena didn't ask more questions anymore. She didn't want to keep asking. In fact, her mother's behavior was obvious. It was meaningless to ask, which would only make her sad.

She just couldn't figure out what her mother wanted to do and what Daniel had done without her knowing. If Rena's kidnapping had something to do with Daniel...

Leena shook her head. She knew that she shouldn't have thought too much, but she couldn't help to at this time. If it was really what she thought, it would be a double blow to her. It was a little difficult for her to accept.

Noticing that Leena was unhappy or feeling a little guilty, Mrs. Yang walked out and asked, "What's wrong?"

Leena said sorrowfully, "Mom, I think you shouldn't hide things from me. We are mother and daughter. Can there be any interests that are more valuable than our relationship?"

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