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   Chapter 342 Break A Marriage (Part Two)

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After a moment's silence, Carlson said firmly, "I love Leena, so I don't want to lose her. I can consider other reasons except keeping her and not losing her."

Although Mrs. Yang knew what was going on, she was surprised that her son-in-law said it so frankly and she also felt relieved. She asked, "Do you love her? Will you give up your revenge for her?"

Carlson lowered his head and didn't answer.

As for Leena, she had already stared at him in a daze. For his confession just now, she was only shocked and speechless. But when she saw that Carlson was silent, she knew that it was very difficult for him to overcome the emotions in his heart. She was disappointed again.

Leena persuaded her mom, "Mom, forget it. He can't give it up. Don't force him. I don't care about it anymore."

Without hearing what she said, Mrs. Yang still stared at him and asked him again, "Will you let go of your revenge for Leena, Carlson?"

It seemed that Carlson was very uncomfortable. He wiped his face with his hand, as if he wanted to wipe off the depression on his face. But he exhaled deeply. He still couldn't relax. He was still difficult to make a choice, and he still didn't answer her.

The confidence that had been rising in Mrs. Yang's heart disappeared, now she was suddenly unsure. However, she still tried to persuade her in a calm tone as an elder, "As an elder, I don't want you to divorce, but I also know that marriage can't be forced. If you can't let go of the knot in your heart, I don't agree with you to continue to be together. You are my son-in-law. You are excellent in all aspects, and you can't even find you outside. It's her fortune to marry you, and I also cherish a son-in-law like you. But if you two really don't match each other, I won't let Leena be with you no matter how much I like you. I'm her mother. I'll be partial to him. If my daughter would be hurt by you and if she is unhappy, I don't want her to live with you for the rest of her life. And I would rather she find an ordinary husband. Even if she is not as excellent as you. As long as she can get along well with him and be happier, I will be relieved. So, can you let go of all your worries and be with my daughter?"

Mrs. Yang also expressed her stand for Leena. If he could let go of his hatred in his heart and turn over a new life, she would persuade her to get back together with him. But if he couldn't forget the shadow and was still obsessed with hatred, she didn't want her daughter to continue to marry him.

Carlson was very conflicted. He didn't even dare to look at Mrs. Yang and Leena. He just turned his head and stared at one point. He was thinking about something depressingly and didn't say anything.

Mrs. Yang asked him again, "Carlson, can you put down your worries and start a good relationship with Leena?"

eemed to be more harsh than when she mentioned Carlson just now, which was not like her mother's usual tone. She was a little sad and said, "Mother, my origin is destined to involve me in the disputes of the Empire Group. I want to protect myself and get powerful chips, but without Carlson, I have no power, so I have to get my notebook."

"Is your life more important than your notebook? Now the baby is gone, and you are crying again."

"Mom, I know I was wrong. I regret it very much. I shouldn't have been greedy. I really regret it!" Leena felt guilty and wanted to cry.

"In fact, it's not all his fault. You had very bad attitude just now and you blamed him for your fault. From the perspective of outsiders these days, you are not the only one in his heart. He still cares about you very much. Maybe he didn't realize it before. I'm your mother and I've done everything for you. Think about it. If you divorce, will you live a better life in the future, no matter you have a child or not? Will you always have a shadow in your heart? Can you find a better mother-in-law? Or do you want to be single all your life? On the contrary, if Carlson's attitude changes, you can get back together. He will feel guilty for you because of the death of your child, and he will make up for you and comfort the wound in your heart. You will live a better life in the future. Isn't it better than you insist on divorcing and living alone?"

Leena wiped her tears and said nothing.

Holding her hand, Mrs. Yang said, "No mother is not for the sake of the child. I scold you because you are too willful. I hope you can wake up and think about your own identity and situation. If Carlson can turn over a new leaf, if you can get back together, it will be definitely one hundred times better than you get divorced in anger. I hope you can figure it out. So, if he can repent, please forgive him!"

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