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   Chapter 341 Break A Marriage (Part One)

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Carlson didn't sleep all day and night, and finally he was too tired to fall asleep. Knowing that the doctor insisted that Leena was fine for the time being, he fell asleep on the sofa. Daniel, Rena and Spencer had to go to work, so they all left. There was only Mrs. Yang in the ward, and Leena was still in a coma quietly.

In the past two days, Mrs. Yang told Yanni had meals at school for himself, but she still had to go home to take care of him in the evening. Only in the daytime, she could accompany Leena. She came back and forth. She was not in a good spirit, but she could only hold on when no one could help her. She stood up and poured herself a glass of water to refresh herself, but at this time, Leena woke up and called in a low voice, "Mother."

Mrs. Yang turned around and asked, "Are you awake?"

After she fell asleep, she had a long dream, but in her dream, she seemed to have thought it through. The baby was gone, no matter how sad she was, she was indeed lost him. It was useless if she couldn't get it back.

It was her own fault. If she had been more careful and knew that she had done such an important thing, or if she hadn't been so greedy, she would have let him take her away from the robbers. She shouldn't have struggled with him. Perhaps the robbers wouldn't have pushed her and caused this accident.

Now she realized that her child was more important than the notebook. Why did she grab the notebook at that time? Why was she so greedy? Even if she didn't have a notebook, she could still live a good life after divorce with Carlson. With the company of the child, she wouldn't be lonely. But without the baby, even if she left this circle, could she still live a good life? How much she wanted the baby!

Leena had cried a lot. Now she didn't know what to do except for depression. She had been depressed and uncomfortable all the time, and maybe she would eventually get sick.

Mrs. Yang sat down beside her and asked, "Do you still feel pain now?"

The pain in her body was nothing compared to the pain in her heart. She said sadly, "Mom, I don't know what to d

e stunned and stared at each other.

Glancing at them, Mrs. Yang had an idea in her mind. She patted Leena's hand and stopped her from talking for the time being. She asked Carlson first, "Does your mean... You don't want a divorce with her?"

Raising his head slightly to look at the wall on the door, Carlson looked sad. He kept silent for a while and said to Mrs. Yang, "It was all my fault. I'm willing to apologize to Leena and ask her to give me another chance. If you don't want to forgive me so soon, you can give me a punishment, but you must not divorce me."

"Why can't you divorce? Don't you want a divorce before?" Asked Mrs. Yang.

"I didn't figure it out before, but later I figured it out. Losing my child taught me a lesson. Although it hurts, it also makes me understand a lot of reasons. I don't want to lose Leena, so I don't want to divorce."

Finally, Leena turned her head to look at him. Although she was shocked by what he said, she still hated him in her heart and could not forgive him.

Mrs. Yang asked, "What are you thinking about? Will you divorce her because of something else in the future?"

Carlson was a little embarrassed. He was a man and always respected his dignity. It was difficult to tell his thoughts to his mother-in-law, but now there was nothing to hide. There were some words that needed to be spoken out, or they would misunderstand for a lifetime.

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