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   Chapter 228 Love Means Trusting Each Other (Part One)

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Otherwise, Leena would be sad for several days. She wondered why Mr. Simon wanted to see her.

In a few days, Carlson had arranged to Mr. Simon's house for having dinner. He had brought his briefcase with him when he arrived, and he might have to talk about business by the way. That day, he asked the driver to go there, but he sat in the back seat and closed his eyes for rest. Leena felt strange. After driving for more than two hours, she didn't arrive at the Ling Family's house. The road was too far, and it took her so long to drive a private car on the ring expressway. Finally, they arrived at the Ling Family's house three hours later.

This was another rich area. There were villas on the vast land, and the green facilities and garden design were much more luxurious than the villas of the Qin Family. If Mr. Simon's house could only be regarded as level A, while the one for Carlson's house could only be regarded as level C, which was two grades lower.

However, for people like Carlson who didn't waste money for no reason, he wouldn't pursue such a high-level enjoyment.

It was the first time for Leena to visit Simon's family. She had been working for him and often got in touch with him. However, it was rare for him to mention her family's situation. She didn't even know his background until now. She only knew that his home page was the entertainment industry, real estate, medicine, and other investment were sidelines. But even if it was a minor business, any one of them would be able to defeat the rich in A city.

Mr. Simon's wealth was definitely not limited to A City, or even the whole country. His name must be on the Forbes.

Although the Empire Group that Carlson belonged to was huge and had a great influence in the country, there were too many shareholders of the group. Only a few of them were divided into several families. Although the Qin Family used to be the controller, it had now fallen into the hands of the Feng Family. As for the representative of the Empire Group, many people must think of Mr. Martin first, and then a few more big shots ranked in front of Carlson.

Relying on the advantage of the Empire Group, Carlson had also developed his

he age at all. She just thought that stars should be well preserved, why didn't they look old? Perhaps in order to receive her, she had put on a light make-up politely this time. What's more, her expression doubled. She was like a person walking out of a painting, more beautiful than the one in the movie! Moreover, Celine had a very good temperament. Anyway, Leena had never seen a beauty more graceful than her. Even many stars on TV might not have such an outstanding temperament as her.

Leena remembered that she had read the entertainment report before, saying that Celine was from a high-ranking family, her father was a military officer, and her mother was a musician. When she first entered the entertainment circle, her family was very rich, and then it seemed to decline, but the temperament she had developed from an early age should not be changed. Besides, she had learned dancing. Maybe this was the reason why she knew how to show her perfect figure and posture.

After greeting Celine, Leena finally knew how difficult it was to marry into Mr. Simon's family, because she had thought that such a beauty with both talent and ability was perfect enough, and she could no longer find a second woman better than her. But she heard that when she married Mr. Simon before, she had encountered a lot of ups and downs, and after going through a lot of tests, the two of them finally got together. It was not easy for a woman to marry a rich man like Mr. Simon.

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