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   Chapter 224 Crack Down The Old Man (Part One)

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There were several photos and a pile of materials in the bag. Leena picked up the photo first and found that Professor Hua was holding a woman's waist while they were shopping. But the woman wasn't Rena. There were also several pictures of him who holding different women. They looked intimate and sweet.

"Who is this woman?" asked Leena.

"You'll know who are they after you look at the materials," replied Carlson.

Leena could only take out the materials and read them. She frowned and got angrier. As expected, Professor Hua was really not a good person. Her intuition was right. Four years ago, the reason why his wife committed suicide by jumping off the building was not because of mental problems, but because of his affair, and even the mistress came to him arrogantly. His wife couldn't bear it and Chose to suicide.

Later, the mistress of him was criticized and couldn't continue to date with Professor Hua, so she left. He had been pretending that there was nothing happened in the past few years, in order not to affect the expansion. Besides, in order to protect him, the school had blocked the news, so no one know what happened to Professor Hua in his family.

The most hateful thing was that the mistress was his wife's student. His wife was a high school teacher, and that student was taught by her. That student came back to visit her after college, but somehow she hooked up with her husband.

'oh my God! It's so shocking!' thought Leena. She had seen a more dramatic scene than a TV drama, but it happened in reality. It was really more dramatic than a TV drama! Was Professor Hua are addicted to young girl? How could he hook up with a girl in her early twenty? Moreover, this girl was his wife's student. That girl didn't know what she was thinking. She liked her teacher's husband and he even was so old. Was Professor Hua really so charming that all these girls were fascinated by him?

If she was his wife, she wouldn't be able to accept such a dramatic scene. It was so exciting that she couldn't even bear the pain in her heart! But if she was his wife, she wouldn't commit suicide. She wouldn't stop to revenge until her reputation was ruined. As a high school teacher, she was so kind that she chose to end the betrayal in such a way that only hurt herself but didn't hurt others.

It seemed that Professor Hua were targe

e you willing to cooperate with you?" Asked Leena anxiously.

Fortunately, Carlson had always thought that she didn't know what kind of project it was, and didn't doubt her tone. He just nodded and said, "Yes!"

Hearing that, Polly was shocked, but she still pretended to smile happily and said, "That's great! It doesn't matter if you postpone the honeymoon. Businessmen always focus on their career. "

Seeing that Carlson just smiled, Leena didn't say anything, but she was a little confused. It seemed that Carlson couldn't cooperate with Mr. Richard, but Simon was also a powerful assistant! It seemed that Mr. Martin was not very confident about the competition in Longwan. Even Carlson could think of finding another helper, but what about Dylan? Was it impossible for him to invite another partner? He was a very smart person, and he was not inferior to Carlson at all.

This matter was really complicated. If Mr. Martin took the land, would Carlson blame her if he knew that she cooperated with Mr. Martin? If Carlson took the land, she would stand still and couldn't find a breakthrough. If Dylan took it, it seemed to have no impact on her, but in fact, it had a little impact. She privately hoped that Mr. Martin could win and let her do something, instead of being bound by the protection of Carlson all the time. He was worried about anyone. She couldn't rely on him all her life. If he abandoned her one day, she would have no ability to protect herself. But if Mr. Martin won, she was afraid that her opponent, Carlson, would be in great trouble in the future.

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