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   Chapter 221 Can't Help Falling In Love (Part Two)

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"Do you really love him, Rena?"

"Yes, here comes my second spring. It's a waste of my youth to be with that Jimmy. But it's also a good thing that he let me know that boys of the same age are not reliable at all. Only those who are more charming like Henry can tolerate me."

Leena noticed that she had called Professor Hua "Henry", which might be their nickname, and the two of them were really glued to each other.

Leena suddenly felt guilty. If she hadn't been busy with her family affairs, quarreled with Carlson and dealt with Lily, she might have been able to care about Rena more and organize the relationship in time.

She didn't completely disagree with Rena's love, but she was worried that Rena would be wronged. No matter how cultivated and elegant Prof. Henry was, he was already a man in his forties. He had been married, and his wife had committed suicide. He didn't know the reason why she had committed suicide, leaving a teenager to him. This meant that once Rena was with him, she would be his stepmother. Why?

Leena thought that Rena came from a rich family. She was good-looking, highly educated and had a good character. She could marry a better man, but why did he choose Professor Hua who was so old to divorce and take care of children?

"Rena, how old is Professor Hua?"

Although Rena didn't want to talk about this topic, Leena's tone was mild, not like discrimination. She answered, "43."

He was 43 years old but Rena was only 24 years old. She was 19 years younger than him!

"I heard that he has a child. Is it a boy or a girl? How old is he or she?"

With a cold face, Rena kept silent for a while and replied impatiently, "A girl is 15 years old, right? The little girl's birthday is next month, and Henry is going to take me there. I'll tell you when I come back. Professor Hua is such a nice person, and his daughter should be easy to get along with."

They are two differnet kinds of person. Moreover, there was a mother in the middle. A daughter might not be like a father, or maybe like a mother. Professor Hua's wife could jump off a building to commit suicide. It could be seen that her character was not gentle. Moreover, if she was a daughter, it would be more difficult for a stepmother to be a person in the future, because girls were younger and more sensitive, and it would be more difficult for them to accept a new mother than boys. It's okay if she doesn't accept it. She is afraid that she will make things difficult for Rena in the future. Then how can live if his girl is really a devil.

"Do you think about getting married when you are in love?"

"A relationship that doesn't aim at marriage is a hoodlum. This is a classic sentence, of course I have to follow it to the end! Besides, I'm not young anymore. If I don't get married, my parents will definitely force me to have blind dates. Then it will be troublesome.

mpared with Carlson, he was also very generous to women. In the past, when she wanted to buy the whole commercial building, he didn't frown at all. But that was under the condition that he was rich enough. And if it was not necessary, he wouldn't waste it at all. For example, when the two of them went out for dinner, they wouldn't order too much food. Didn't they say that they couldn't afford it? How could it be possible? He just didn't want to waste his money in meaningless places. Besides, Simon had booked a whole sea area of Maldives during his honeymoon. Carlson said that he would not do such a stupid thing. It could be seen that his consumption view was very correct. No matter how rich he was, there was no meaningless waste. As a matter of fact, Carlson did a good job. He didn't want to waste a penny on what he should spend.

Compared with Professor Hua, Leena was sure that the thing he bought for Rena that day must be something to flatter Rena. This kind of person was so eager for quick success and instant benefit by any means. If he could get her, he would never know how to change his face in the future.

Rena didn't know that Leena had cursed her prince charming for one hundred times in her heart, and she almost cursed him for eighteen generations.

That night, of course, Leena stayed in the apartment with Rena, but she almost went crazy after staying there for one night, because Rena was crazy. She spent the whole night analyzing Professor Hua's good performance, reading photos and gifts, and sharing their happiness in love. It was obvious that Leena was cursing him in her heart. She hated him very much, but she had to pretend to enjoy and bless him.

On the second day, at dawn, she ran back to the house of Carlson. Well, it was much more pleasant to see Carlson than to see Professor Hua! But she also asked Carlson to help her. She couldn't let Rena fall in love with her for no reason.

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