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   Chapter 213 Go To Jail (Part Two)

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"Who are you? Why do you ask?" The plainclothes policeman was not very easy-going.

"I... I'm his sister. I want to ask my brother what he has done that made him to be arrested?"

"You are his sister. Come with us to the police station. Your brother has committed the crime of intentional injury!" The plainclothes policeman said.

Then Leena followed him to the police station.

After the interrogation, Peterson confessed everything. Leena felt that Peterson was obviously disheartened and didn't want to struggle anymore. She didn't know what had happened to him these days. She had been busy with her thesis, but she didn't expect that the Song Family really found out Peterson and arrested him.

Leena was waiting outside at a loss. The police came to him and said, "Your brother has been criminally detained. Inform your family. He will go to the court soon."

Although Leena knew why he was arrested, she still wanted to hear the process from the police, because the police understood more deeply than him. The young police told Leena the general situation and asked Leena to prepare for the formalities.

Leena asked, "Can I meet my brother alone?"

The police stared at her for a while. Maybe she had been waiting for a long time, and finally agreed to let Leena see her.

Peterson hadn't been put into prison, but was temporarily detained in the police station, so the environment for Leena to meet him was good. They were in a separate room, with a table and a chair, and the two could talk face to face. But he had to wear handcuffs, and there were two policemen behind him.

Leena was waiting in the room. When the police brought Peterson here, he kept his head down and seemed to be in a bad mood. When the police pressed him on the chair, he sat down softly with no strength to resist.

Leena thought of what he said. Was it because he was hungry? After he was taken to the police station, he had been interrogated for more than two hours. Leena hadn't seen them come out, so she guessed that they hadn't eaten anything either. When she came out in the morning, she bought two pieces of bread randomly in her bag, ready to be breakfast, but before she had time to eat, she took them out and handed them to him. "Brother, do you want to eat something?"

Peterson looked straight at the bread and didn't refuse. Instead, he took it and wolfed it down.

The two policemen behind Peterson looked at each other in surprise, as if they just knew that the prisoner had been hungry for a long time.

Leena was also surprised. She felt sad to see her brother like this. All of a sudden, all her resentment was gone. After all, he

Brother, even if you don't think about your parents, you should think about yourself. You can't be fooled by such a woman in your life! There are so many beauties in the world, and Alina is just one of them!"

Peterson lowered his head and held his head in his hands, seeming very painful.

"Please think about it for yourself, for your family who love you! Why don't you give up? I'll call Alina and see what Alina will say!"

Seeing that Peterson didn't move, Leena gritted her teeth and called Alina. Alina didn't answer the phone. Perhaps she didn't want to answer it when she saw the number.

Leena kept calling. When she finally called the third time, Alina answered the phone. Suppressing her impatience, she said sarcastically, "Yo, I didn't expect that Mrs. Qin would call me!"

"Alina, my brother is in the police station now. He said he wanted to talk to you!" Said Leena coldly, trying to hold back her sadness.

Hearing this, Peterson couldn't help but raise his head. Perhaps he really didn't believe that Leena would call Alina in front of him. He was shocked.

Taking a glance at Peterson, seeing that there was no sound from the other end of the phone, she said, "He went to prison for you. Shouldn't you thank him for his kindness?"

Alina finally responded with a sneer, "Peterson? What does it matter if he got in the prison?"

Alina's voice came through the phone, which was clearly heard by all the people present, including Peterson. At this time, he just stared at Leena's phone, as if to see the face of Alina from the phone and see her expression clearly.

"What do you think of my brother? Just using him? Now he is in prison for you. Can't he say a word to you?"

Alina still sneered, "He deserves it. I have never forced him!"

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