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   Chapter 211 Rena's Secret Date (Part Two)

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Leena agreed and called her mother back.

But Rena came back so late. She didn't return to the apartment at about 6 o'clock. Leena was anxious and called her again. She said that she was rushing back and asked Leena to go back to her mother's home first. Then she went straight to her mother's home and didn't go back to the apartment.

Speechless, Leena had to take a bus to her mother's place. Fortunately, it was not far from her mother's place and she could arrive there in a few stops. When they arrived at home, Rena hadn't arrived yet, and her mother's dinner was almost ready. When Leena was about to call her, she received a call, saying that she was downstairs and asked Leena to open the iron door for her.

Leena had to go downstairs to pick her up. When she was guarding the door, Rena carried a lot of bags. Surprised, Leena asked, "Why do you bring so many things here? You act like a rich lady."

"HAHAHA! I'm a rich lady! But I didn't buy these for you. I won't be so polite to you. I just brought an interesting toy for Yanni. The other things are all mine."

"Yours?" Leena took it up and looked at it. She found that there were a lot of clothes, which were not very expensive, but there were also clothes worth thousands or thousands of dollars each. It was not cheap. It seemed that Rena had gone shopping today.

"Who bought you clothes and shoes? Did you buy them yourself?"

"No, it was bought by a handsome man!" Rena was straightforward and didn't hide anything.

Leena knew that she was Rena's date. Seeing that Rena went upstairs, she turned around to check if the iron door of the corridor was closed. At this time, she suddenly found a car opposite the garden was starting and driving away. It was a black Honda. She forgot what kind of car it was, but she remembered that she had seen it in the campus once. It was very new, so she looked at it for a few more times. Rena asked her what she was looking at. Look at the Honda, it was only 300 or 400 thousand.

She didn't pay much attention to it. It was okay for a university teacher to drive such a car.

If the Honda car wanted to go out of their community, it had to pass by the road beside her building, so after the car circled in the garden, it came in front of Leena. At that time, Leena just took a look casually and saw the plate

to sigh deeply and looked at the bags of clothes in her hands. She thought that the man must be very rich and was willing to spend money on women. But this kind of man was often the most terrible. He was rich and willing to spend money on women. Wasn't he a playboy?

But it seemed that Rena was really in love with him. She didn't know how to persuade her. Besides, she didn't know what the other party looked like. It was hard to say whether he was suitable for Rena. She could only keep praying for Spencer in her heart.

When they arrived at the apartment, Rena put on the new clothes she bought one by one. Seeing the excited and happy look on Rena's face, she felt both happy but also sad. She was glad that Rena had found someone she liked. She didn't know whether that person was reliable or not.

Perhaps because the defense was over today, the two of them were very excited. They chatted for a long time and didn't fall asleep until two or three o'clock in the morning.

On the second day, Leena was woken up by a phone ring. In a daze, she stood up and looked at the number. It was an unfamiliar number. At first, she wondered if someone had dialed the wrong number, but she didn't answer it for the time being. Then she fell asleep on the pillow for a while. However, the phone was ringing for a long time. Leena was sure that it was an acquaintance who had dialed a strange number, and then answered it.

"Hello..." She said lazily.

The man hesitated for a long time and finally said, "Leena, I want to borrow some money from you."

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