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   Chapter 210 Rena's Secret Date (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-07-16 00:02

"Where are you going for a date?" asked Leena, catching Rena's arm.

Rena turned around and frowned, "I won't tell you now. Maybe later."

Leena immediately thought of the handsome man she had said before. It seemed that Rena was really in love with him, but why didn't she tell her?

Before she could say anything more, Rena had left.

Spencer suddenly lowered his head and looked a little disappointed.

Seeing his expression, Leena wondered if Spencer had known it? She just knew that Rena was dating someone else recently, but she wondered if Spencer had already known the guy who dated with her every day. If Spencer likes Rena so much, he must be sad.

"Have you known something?" asked Leena him.

Spencer raised his head and smiled helplessly. "I don't know. Two weeks ago, the female devil suddenly said that she would have a date in the future."

"Have you ever seen that man?"

Spencer shook his head helplessly. "No, I haven't."

Leena kept silent for a while and sighed, "I'll ask her tonight to ask what she means. She hasn't told me who she is dating or her attitude. She has told me everything about her before, but she didn't say anything about that man this time."

Spencer kept silent.

Leena suddenly felt that she should care about Rena. She felt that she had been alienated from her recently. In the past, the two of them didn't talk about anything and almost hid everything from each other. But since she had offended the people of the Empire Group and her family had several accidents, she subconsciously concealed a lot of things for her. The original reason was that she didn't want her to get involved in her messy things and make less trouble. But after a long time, she found that there was a gap between her and Rena. It was a little big. First of all, she didn't tell Rena anything. Rena didn't know her life and couldn't help her. Gradually, she didn't want to tell her about her sadness. The relationship between the two was not as deep as before. When it came to herself, she didn't know what was on Rena's mind and why she didn't tell her anything. It was just like this time when the

le. It was so easy for her to lie on the bed. She was no longer a student, but where should she find a job in the future? She'd better have fun for a few months first.

At this time, Leena's idea was too naive. How could he give her a job? She estimated that she could get the child back on her honeymoon. Leena felt she was so stupid.

On this day, Leena received a lot of calls, including her mother's call. Her mother also knew that she was defending today, so she asked her if she would go home tonight. By the way, she took Rena with her and made delicious dishes for them to celebrate. Leena thought it was a good idea and she should go home. So she called Rena first, but she didn't answer the phone. She called him two times, but he didn't answer, so she gave up.

It was not until Leena fell asleep that Rena called back. It was already four o'clock in the afternoon. She asked Rena, "Where are you? How are you going to deal with the food tonight?"

Rena said, "You don't have a place to eat?"

"I want to take you to my home. My mother is going to cook for us, but it's already four o'clock in the afternoon. It may be late. Make a decision quickly. I'll go back to my mother and ask her to prepare early."

Rena thought for a while and replied, "Well, I have a date, but you are alone and didn't go back to Carlson's home. I can't put my lover above my friend. Let's go back and have dinner at your house!"

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