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   Chapter 209 Phase Achievement (Part Two)

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That night, Leena didn't refuse his request, but at the critical moment, she still had to go to him for safety measures. Since he didn't agree, she didn't get angry. She just gently persuaded him that she hadn't graduated yet and didn't want to be pregnant so soon. At least, she wouldn't get pregnant until after her honeymoon. Carlson agreed and listened to her.

After that, Carlson held her in his arms and whispered, "Why do I feel that you seem to have become smarter these days?"

With a smile, Leena wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Do you think it's good for me to do so?"

Carlson said with a smile, "Do you have any other purpose?"

After thinking for a while, Leena said seriously, "Miss Lily, please send her home when her foot is recovered. Don't live in our house anymore."

Before Carlson could ask why, Leena kissed him and said in a low voice, "It's not convenient..."

With a smile, he began to pinch her body and said ambiguously, "Okay. Lily doesn't have to live here eagerly. There is indeed no one to take care of her this time. When her feet recover, her father should be relieved. By that time, there will be no problem for her to go home."

Leena said with a playful tone, "You seem to say that you care about her more than me?"

"Well, are you starting to be domineering to me now?"

"You are my husband. Why can't I make a request?"

Leena's words were a little presumptuous, and it might not be useful to say such words in front of a male chauvinist like Carlson. However, it satisfied Carlson a lot when Leena said such words. It would be more excited if they had sex. So she smiled, "I'm your man, and you're my woman. We finally reach an agreement on one thing." Then he lowered his head and kissed her again.

Knowing that he wanted to do it again, she didn't refuse. Sometimes women did have to learn to please men in order to make them surrender to her feet. She finally figured it out.

In the

third time, she was so excited that she almost hit someone else, which made Leena extremely nervous. Fortunately, Rena caught the book at the critical moment.

Leena looked at the person who was almost hit by Rena. It was Spencer.

Spencer smiled and said, "Two beauties, I heard that your defense is over, so I come here to play with you!"

"Don't want to play trick on me!" Rena looked down upon him.

"Leena, you're right. You came here as soon as we came out of the teaching building," said Leena with a smile.

"Yes, I came here on time."

"Aren't you going to work?" Rena asked as she gently placed the book in front of him.

Spencer waved his hand and said, "Well, I have something to do today. After I finish it, I will come to see you!"

"Aren't you afraid that Mike will spy you?" Rena continued to make fun of her.

"Don't be afraid. I'm a manager after all."


"Where are you taking us?" asked Leena.

"Let's see what you want to go," said Spencer.

"Come on, I'm not free today!" Rena stopped throwing the book and suddenly said.

Both Leena and Spencer were surprised. After a while, Rena's phone rang. She picked it up and answered it, smiling happily. She hung up the phone and said to Leena and Spencer, "I'm going on a date. Have fun yourselves."

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