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   Chapter 200 Be On Good Terms As Before (Part One)

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"Carlson, let's talk about the purpose of our marriage. It's true that you married me for some other purpose, but not long ago, you just told me to remember that I am your wife. Just remember this. Well, I remember that I have admitted that I am your wife. If you respect and status me, I have accepted this new identity. But do you really respect me? After you gave me such an identity and status, the second day you..."

Leena pointed to the door and accused Miss Lily. "On the second day, you hurt me because of her, so I really want to ask you what kind of marriage is. What kind of position do you put me in as your wife? What do you want me to do? And what are you going to do to me?"

When Carlson was about to speak, Leena added firstly, "Besides, you want me to give birth to a son for you. If we really have a son, the family relationship will be complicated. It's not only about the two of us, but also three. We have to be responsible for this boy's future, not only for our personal affairs. What are you going to do. You should be responsible for him and our family. How can he know that we are a family, not living our own lives? I'd like to hear what is your opinion and how will you be responsible for this child's future."

"You are making trouble out of nothing. Are you the same as Lily? You have to ask me what I'm thinking. Okay, I tell you, if I marry you, you are my wife, and my wife must give birth to a child for me. Lily is my friend, and friends' affairs are all my lifetime affairs. I have to care about her whatever happens and be responsible for her. These are two different things. Why don't you understand?"

Leena sneered, "Friendship can last forever. I agree with you. For example, I will also be responsible for Rena, but I won't put my whole marriage into trouble for friends like you. I help her in the field of friends, and I won't interfere with my marriage. But obviously, you didn't separate these two fields, but mixed them up. It's disgusting. These two things had been mixed up, but you still insisted that you can make

to respect me? Besides, you think you have no affair with Lily. Then why do you think I have an affair with Daniel? Just because I gave him soup and wiped his mouth? But you and Lily have been swimming together and hugged in the hospital. I won't say a word to you!"

The more she said, the angrier she became. She had thought that she could just say it out, but she didn't expect that Carlson had traveled through the ancient times. Did he still want to teach her a lesson with the principle of husband as wife and three obediences and four virtues? She felt that his view of marriage was simply wrong. She didn't realize it before, but after she married him, she found out his thoughts were so annoying!

"Why didn't you tell me that you had a good relationship with Daniel because he was innocent? Why did you keep it from me?"

"I have my freedom too. There is no need to tell you everything!"

"Do you want to rebel? Leena."

"Then you can say that I rebel. You are really living in ancient times! Who do you think you are?" Leena stood up angrily and didn't intend to argue with him anymore.

"Say it again!" Carlson said angrily, as if he had been insulted.

Leena ignored him and walked out of the study.

With his hands and feet long, he grabbed Leena in a few strides and pressed her against the wall. He said angrily, "Who did you say was an ancient?"

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