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   Chapter 198 The Storm Of Cooking Soup (Part One)

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Since they all knew each other, there was no need to introduce each other. Leena and Daniel were just supports in this meeting. Mr. Martin and Mr. Richard were the main figures. Therefore, the two leaders most talked about their own problems and ignored them.

Listening to them, Leena felt that they were going to make a big business of Longwan. They also analyzed the competition ability of Carlson and Dylan. Although she didn't know much about business, she could tell from their words that it was quite fierce to compete with each other. In this society, the law of the jungle prevailed. No one would give in to anyone because of a favor. When it came to interests, the one who was the most powerful would listen to the other and the one who was the most powerful would belong to the other. There was no way to refute.

After the conversation, Mr. Martin asked her, "Miss Leena, why do you finally think about cooperating with them?"

With her hands on the table, she crossed her index fingers and rubbed it for a while before saying, "I want to have my owen business too."

"So, will you consider the face of Carlson when you cooperate with us this time? Will you still wholeheartedly help us?"

"I'm not with him. What he does and what I do have nothing to do with him. I won't affect your business."

"What if you meet Hardy in the business field one day? In particular, Carlson is also involved in this project. What will you do if you really meet him?"

"Let's just meet each other. In the end, this project has to be completed by someone, either by Carlson or by us. After it is settled, there will be no competition. At that time, even if I help you, I won't do anything for him. As for the meeting in the early stage of the competition, I will stick to my own standpoint. Since I joined you, I will cooperate with y

t remember what we did to her last time."

"What am I afraid of?" Daniel turned his head to look at her and smiled. "You are the one who should be careful!"

Leena snorted and didn't answer.

After sending Leena downstairs, Daniel said goodbye to her. Seeing that she was holding a soup can, he teased, "Thank you for your soup!"

Raising her eyebrows, Leena didn't say anything. Daniel smiled and drove away.

Leena walked to the stairs, but she felt a little pain in her thigh, not knowing if it was because of the wound. She stopped for a while, and suddenly saw a car coming not far away. The two boxes seemed to have been left there for a long time. She didn't notice them before, and she didn't see them until they opened. Glancing at it, Leena was stunned, because that car was owned by Carlson.

Sure enough, the car stopped in front of her. A man walked out of the car. It was none other than Carlson.

Seeing that he didn't look well and why he suddenly appeared here, Leenaasked him, "What are you doing here, Carlson?"

"I'm here to pick you up!"

"I've told you that I don't want to go home these days because I have something to deal with at school. Don't you have a good time with Miss Lily?"

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