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   Chapter 179 Making Babies (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-30 00:12

The little boy looked at Carlson for a long time and suddenly frowned and retorted, "I never eat candies!"

Pointing at this little boy, Carlson said to Leena, "Look, he is as stubborn as his father! Do you know whose son he is?"

Leena stared at the little boy again. When she was about to remember, she suddenly heard someone laughing. "Who said I was stubborn?"

When Leena raised her head, she saw a tall and handsome man coming over. For a moment, she thought she had seen the model, but the face was so handsome, even more evil and charming than Carlson. Even though he was a little old and had two children, he was still very young, as if he was just in his thirties. Leena stood up at once, "Mr... Mr. Simon, why are you here? "

"Long time no see, Leena! He didn't even tell me when he married you. If I hadn't run into him today, he might have hidden it from me all the time!"

With a smile on his face, Carlson looked at Greg and said, "Your son has grown up. He is like you in character. I guess you have a headache. How can you have time to care about others' affairs?"

Simon deliberately snorted, "Do you think I care about you? I just care about Leena. I used to treat my good employees as my sister, but you took her away so easily without telling me!"

At this time, the lady who had been sitting in the distance also looked over. It was not until now that Leena realized that the woman with long curly hair was Simon's wife, the best actress in entertainment circle, who had been out of sight for a long time, called Celine. When Leena went to college, Celine was still in the active period of the screen. At that time, she often watched the movies of her. At that time, she didn't know that she was Mr. Simon's girlfriend, but she just thought that this actress was very beautiful, so beautiful that people would forget the profane world. She especially remembered that there was a movie, which seemed to be the martial arts movie "Cliff" directed by Zhang Zicheng. Then she won the best actress because of this movie. There were two roles in the play. One was the female devil who dressed up as a man, and the other was the exceedingly beautiful woman. The exceedingly beautiful woman was the mother of the female devil. She remembered that

d very unique and had a unique temperament. Leena had been wondering if she should ask for an autograph for Rena later. Rena must be very happy. It was the first time she had seen a star at a close distance. Thanks to Carlson and Simon bringing her here today.

Carlson praised, "Your wife is so beautiful!"

Celine relied, "You're welcome, Mr. Carlson. Is this Miss Leena that you often mentioned, your wife? Miss Leena is also very beautiful and she looks very lucky. Mr. Carlson, you are so lucky. "

Carlson laughed. Simon asked everyone to sit down. Since the two families had just arrived, they ordered together.

During the dinner, Leena noticed that Celine and Anna often whispered to each other and seemed to be on good terms. She didn't know that the famous singer Anna and Miss Celine were so familiar with each other, and she even came out to have dinner with Simon's family feast. She thought about how to ask for signature later.

Miss Celine was holding her little daughter, but after Simon came, he took her in his arms. Leena found that Simon really loved his little daughter very much, taking her as a treasure carefully. On the contrary, he was more serious to his son. Perhaps it had something to do with his son's naughtiness, and he often made surprising remarks, which made people feel at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. He could say a lot that even an adult could not refute. Simon said with a cold face, "Greg, if you don't eat well, dad and mom won't take you out next time."

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