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   Chapter 177 Alina's Failure (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:12

Mr. Richard raised his head. What he did at that moment made Leena think that he would be expectant and shocked, but he didn't. Mr. Richard had already been trained to be calm and expressionless after seeing the big scene. No matter what kind of thing he was facing, he could always be calm.

It didn't matter to Leena, because she knew that her performance would satisfy Mr. Richard, so she didn't care if he gave her an expression of expectation and shock now.

Ignoring Alina's greedy eyes, she walked up, took out a stack of documents from her bag and handed them to Mr. Richard, "Mr. Richard, this is the plan you have always wanted to see. I have brought it to you. I hope you can be satisfied."

Alina couldn't help but scolded, "Leena!"

Leena giggled and appreciated Alina's changeable and moody expression. Especially when she saw that Alina was so angry that her eyes turned red, she was about to laugh. She raised her eyebrows and looked at Alina, "Miss Alina, do you have any opinion? If you really failed, you don't have to deny it. The reason why I came to see Mr. Richard today is that I know that Miss Alina probably didn't complete the task well. In order not to make Mr. Richard unhappy, I took the initiative to bring the plan here. In fact, I'm helping you and Mr. Richard. Why are you unhappy?"

Mr. Richard looked up at Alina coldly and said in a low voice, "Do you have any opinion, Alina?"

"No." Even though Alina hated Leena so much, she could only answer Mr. Richard in this way.

Mr. Richard didn't open the book in front of Alina. As soon as he received it, he seemed to know that the notebook given by Leena must be the right one so he didn't check it. Maybe he also knew that Mr. Martin and Daniel wanted to win over Leena, so what she gave him wouldn't be fake. Disappointed at Alina, he said, "You can leave now! I have something to talk with Miss Leena alone!"

"Father*..."Alina turned around and acted like a spoiled child. Her melody was as sweet as singing! (* · TN: here father means sworn father)

Leena couldn't help but despise her.

Mr. Richard was indifferent. He said, "You can leave first!" His voice was even colder than before.

Alina had no choice but to take a look at her with

my hands. Miguel, Peterson, and your best friend's silly boyfriend, Jimmy, why do you think Carlson will protect you after you marry him? In fact, he loves Lily. Who is more pathetic?"

The smile on Leena's face froze. She kept silent for a while and replied, "Miss Alina, why did you mention it? Have you forgotten who wanted to elope with Miguel last time and was rejected?"

Alina stopped laughing.

Leena said, "You will be punished for things you have done. It's just a matter of time. I really hope you can reflect on what you have said and done. You have been doted on by everyone and you have got what you want. Why do you still fight for others' things? Like Jimmy and my brother? Besides, why did you destroy other people's family? That my brother loves his family doesn't prevent him from loving you, right? What do you want? Why did you hurt my mother like that? So you deserve what you have suffered today and what you will suffer in the future. I didn't mean to oppose you, but you pushed me too hard that I had to resist. Why didn't Miss Alina reflect on what you had done when you hated others? But I think people like you will never reflect on yourself, because you don't know what kindness and malice are, and what moral justice and indecent means are! So... " Leena said the last sentence very slowly and clearly, "Just wait for your previous enemies to come up to revenge! I don't think I'm the only one who want Miss Alina to fail. Dylan wants you to die like a dog! Ha ha! "

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