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   Chapter 176 Robbery On The Road (Part Two)

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After a few steps, they drove away and she stopped chasing.

Seeing that she ran up in a hurry, the driver asked again, "Miss Alina said that she had to talk to you alone under the order of Mr. Richard, so I let her go. But what happened?"

Hearing that, Leena smiled. All of a sudden, her anxious expression disappeared, and she became as calm as usual. She even smiled slightly and comforted the driver, "Nothing. You are doing well. Let's continue to go to Mr. Richard's house!"

The driver still didn't understand. Leena had walked back and sat in the car. The driver could only go back and continue to drive.

When they arrived at Mr. Richard's house, Leena asked the driver to open the trunk and take out the bag.

The driver looked at her relaxed face, as if there was no accident happened before. He could not understand.

After entering the room, Leena threw the bag away, took out the document hidden in it and put it into her big bag. Then she went upstairs to look for Mr. Richard.

In fact, she had already known Alina's action. The day before she came, Daniel called her and asked her to be careful of Alina. Maybe Daniel got some information, but he didn't know what Alina wanted to do, so he asked her to be careful of Alina. According to Daniel's original words, she should not go to see Mr. Richard so soon. At least, she should wait until he figured out what Alina wanted to do. But Leena didn't agree. What could Alina do? She just wanted to rob her documents. Then she would play along with her.

When Leena got on the car, she put the correct documents in the trunk, and she took the fake documents with her, letting Alina take them away. At this time, Alina must be waiting to laugh at her in front of Mr. Richard! It was time for her to make Alina shocked. She would make Alina embarrassed this time!

When Leena walked into the study, Mr. Richard was looking at the things handed in by Alina, and Alina stood next to him, looking very proud, thinking that she had completed the task. Seeing that Leena came in, she took a look at

nnections. I also collected many versions. I did get the information, but maybe when Peterson sent me here this morning, he took the wrong book, because there are too many drafts in my house. He may not know it clearly. (* TN: here father means sworn father). It's my fault. I stayed up late to sort out the documents yesterday, so I was sleepy in the morning. I asked Peterson to get that book, but he took the wrong one. I'll go home and get another one for you!"

Alina was so smart. At this time, she could still ask for credit from Mr. Richard. She said that no matter how hard she worked, she was wrong because she was too tired. She would never admit that she had taken the wrong plan. If Mr. Richard really believed her, he would let her go this time for the sake of her hard work. If he asked her to bring the notebook tomorrow, then Alina would still have the chance to go to Daniel or her place to find the right one!

It was an art of speaking. Looking at Alina who was so slick today, Leena had learned a little. The people she worked with before were nothing compared with Alina. She was too cunning. No wonder she could do a lot of things well. Even if she couldn't do it well, she had a reason to cleverly prevaricate!

But she wouldn't give Alina another chance. She stood up and said, "Mr. Richard, I come to see you today to give you the thing you want most."

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