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   Chapter 174 Jerks Are For Good Girls To Grow Up (Part Two)

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He was a typical man who only wanted to accompany others, but didn't think about why others should give all the things for free. It was all Rena's fault. She was so kind to him that he, a phoenix man, always wanted to take advantage of her. If Rena or Leena knew his thought, they would beat him to death immediately! Because he was too weird!

Jimmy cried and said, "Do you really have no feelings for me?" He held Rena's hand and said, "I don't have a job now, and I can't afford the rent. My previous friends are snobbish, and they don't want to talk to me when they see me down and out. Now I almost have no money to eat. I often eat instant noodles in the basement. Look at me, I'm thinner. Don't you think I'm pitiful? Do you really have the heart to see me like this? If I hadn't washed my clothes for two days, you would have taught me to change and help me wash them immediately. But now seeing me like this, can you be indifferent? "

'what a jerk!'! Leena cursed him for countless times.

Rena laughed, "Hahaha, do you want me to be happy by telling me this? Jimmy, I really don't love you at one point one now. I will be happy if you are not happy. You can only eat instant noodles if you can't afford the rent. If you die, I won't care about you, and I will even be very happy! Are you done? Then get out of here! "

Rena seemed to be annoyed and didn't want to listen to him.

But he suddenly held her thighs and said, "Rena, you can't do this. You love me very much, why do you pretend to be so ruthless? Don't you feel heartbroken?"

"Fuck off! If you keep acting like this, I'll show my taekwondo! After all, you are the first man I like. Insulting yourself like this will only make me doubt my own aesthetic taste, and will only make me more angry and want to slap you. Get out of here before I do anything! " Rena pushed away his hand, kicked him, turned around and left.

Not knowing whether he was sad or irritated, he suddenly stood up and shouted angrily, "Rena!"

Hearing that he was still gnashing his teeth, Rena turned around again. However, Spencer moved faster than her. He grabbed Jimmy by the collar and said, "Are you leaving or not? Didn't you hear what the girl said? Or wait for the old man to beat you? "

Hearing this, Leena almost burst into laughter. When Spencer was scolding others, he was playing tricks and directly said that he was an old man. Spencer was about 15cm taller than Jimmy, he was slender but Jimmy was a short. When she was with Rena, Rena couldn't even wear high-heeled shoes, let alone in front of drew who was more than 1.8 meters tall. She was just waiting to be thrown and beaten at any time.

Seeing that there was probably no hope, Jimmy

ife of Leena was quiet.

Rena was also working on her thesis. She leaned her head over the computer desk and said, "You know what? Carlson cares about you a lot."

Leena didn't respond. She continued to work hard.

Rena suddenly stopped writing, "I found that you haven't told me anything recently!"

Hearing that, Leena was stunned for a while. "No, you know everything. You know that I have married with Carlson."

"How long has it been?"

Rena was about to complain when Leena's phone rang. She raised her hand to stop her, "I answered the phone first."

Rena kept staring at her and found that she went to the balcony and listened to the phone for a while, but basically responded with "yes". She frowned and looked a little serious. Then she hung up the phone and came back. She was silent.

Rena asked, "Who's on the phone?"


"See? You lied to me again!"

In fact, this was the phone number of Daniel, but Rena didn't know him. Daniel didn't want Rena to contact more people of the Empire Group because of protection. Because it was related to her life, she really didn't want Rena to know too much. Rena had been kidnapped last time.

But she was afraid that Rena might misunderstand her, because she had told Rena everything before. She had never hidden anything from Rena when she was in the most difficult time of her high school family. After hesitating for a while, she asked, "Do you want to take revenge on Alina?"

"What?" Rena was surprised and excited.

In the end, Leena simplified her plan to Rena, leaving out many things that Rena didn't know. After hearing that, Rena was very excited and gave her full support.

They were really bad, but Alina deserved it!

On the second day, Leena got in the car of Mr. Richard and went to Mr. Richard's home.

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