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   Chapter 173 Jerks Are For Good Girls To Grow Up (Part One)

College Girl Behind The Charming CEO By Little Red Cap Characters: 7718

Updated: 2020-06-27 00:12

Leena threw the phone away and cursed, "Damn it!" That annoying Jimmy came again. She didn't know why he came here. It seemed that he had found a girlfriend before. Then what did he mean by coming here today?

She changed her clothes, put on her shoes and rushed downstairs. Sure enough, she saw three people downstairs, Rena, Spencer and Jimmy. The damn Jimmy really knelt on the ground. Fortunately, they lived in a dark place. Otherwise, they would be laughed by others.

"If you don't forgive me, I will kneel here all the time!"

Damn it! How could he say such disgusting words in a TV play!

Leena firstly looked at Rena's expression and found that Rena was angry. Fortunately, Rena was not softhearted or sad this time. Instead, she was completely angry, which meant that Rena couldn't forgive him again. As for Spencer, although he liked Rena, he was an outsider and it was not appropriate for him to get involved in this matter. Otherwise, Rena would 'cut him off'!

When Spencer saw Leena, he shouted, "Leena, you came so fast!"

How could she not be fast?

Rena took a look at her and didn't greet her because she was in a fit of anger.

Jimmy begged, "It's my fault, Rena. I was so blind to leave you to pursue Alina. Later I knew you were so kind, but I didn't know how lucky I was. I was wrong. Please forgive me, Rena..."

Leena had seen disgusting people, but she had never seen a person like Jimmy who was so disgusting. It was he who broke up with Rena and pretended to be unconcerned when he came back to take his luggage. He thought he was a great man, but now he looked back, kneeling and crying. Was he a man?

Rena ignored him with a cold face.

Jimmy begged her again, "Don't you really ignore our relationship for so many years? I know you still love me in your heart, but you are still angry. I apologize to you. Don't mind it, okay? You love me so much. Aren't you sad to see me like this? "

Leena was about to lose her temper, but Rena said first, "Damn it! You know our relationship for so many years. Why didn't you think about our relationship when you fell in love with Alina and chased after her? Do you think I'm angry? Yes, I'm angry. But do you think I can accept you just by an apology? Do you still take you as a green onion in your current sit

that I would be infatuated with you for the rest of my life, and then you would do whatever you wanted? You just go out to have fun, and even think that you are really handsome and tall, and start to pursue a goddess like Alina. Although I don't like Alina, I don't deny that she is indeed beautiful. How can you be confident to abandon me to pursue such a goddess? And don't forget that your good job was arranged by my parents. Do you really think you are capable? Hahaha!"

Looking at Rena's furious face, Leena knew that she wouldn't come downstairs today, because Rena had completely got rid of him. There was no need for someone to stare at her like before when she just broke up with her boyfriend, or she was afraid that she would do something dangerous!

Jimmy didn't expect that Rena would scold him like that. Rena was eloquent and had learned Taekwondo. If she really wanted to fight or scold others, she would not be soft hearted. But he didn't expect that Rena would scold him so mercilessly and poke his sore spot everywhere! He thought that Rena still had feelings for him, at least as he came to her before. She was crying. But what happened today? Did Rena change? But he didn't allow Rena to change, because he had lost his job and his life was not good. He still wanted to be with her! Rena's parents could definitely arrange a better job for him. If they got married, Rena's parents would definitely be able to afford a house and a car. Rena was not ugly, which was much better than he went out to find another woman!

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