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   Chapter 172 That Photo Was Missing (Part Two)

College Girl Behind The Charming CEO By Little Red Cap Characters: 7336

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Leena was going to try what Mr. Richard said and make a decision after she made a comment on Mr. Martin's business. And she really wanted to deal with Alina now, so she accepted it.

Daniel continued, "I'll give Alina a fake one later. Just wait for Mr. Richard to be angry with her."

Leena nodded. It was Daniel who helped her this time. Only when he gave her what Alina wanted most could she have the chance to defeat Alina. But why didn't they take what they needed? He also got what he wanted from her.

After that, Leena and Daniel had nothing to say and left. Daniel said, "Let me drive you back."

"No, thanks. You can ask the driver to send me home.That will be fine." Leena refused quickly.

Daniel teased, "Are you afraid that Carlson will see us?"

"Why should I be afraid of him?" Leena said stubbornly.

Daniel stopped making fun of her and asked the driver to send her back.

Leena went back to her and Rena's apartment. At least, she couldn't take this thing back to the Qin Family. Besides, Lily was the only one that Carlson cared about, so she wouldn't go back to make trouble for herself.

She returned to the apartment. As usual, Rena should be doing her thesis at home, but this time, she didn't see her at home. Leena called her, but Rena didn't answer. She ignored him, cooked herself a bowl of noodles and began to work on her English thesis.

Rena had already begun to work on her thesis, but she was still bothered by her foreign thesis. She had been out these days. Sometimes she really forgot that she was still a student. In the past, she didn't feel so tired when she worked and went to school. Now, she always forgot to study intermittently. Fortunately, she was about to graduate, otherwise she would be unable to continue her study.

It suddenly occurred to her that Rena was a student in high school. She was not a local at that time, but went to high school with her working parents. However, when Rena went to a famous university in the city, her parents fell back to their hometown to work, so she left her alone here. Rena went to high school in this city. She had been a graduate for 11 years.

When they were in grade one, the

of Rena and often took Rena home to improve the food.

Leena thought it was worth it to have a friend like Rena in her life. No matter how tired she was, there were always people who sincerely comforted and hugged her, and there were also people who sincerely warmed her, which was much more useful than a boyfriend! She didn't need too many friends. It was enough to have someone who really treated her as a family!

She recalled for a while and began to write her English thesis. Perhaps it was because she recalled the high school study that her inspiration burst out and she was so absorbed in writing. Of course, it was not an overnight success. The serious thesis was not a novel, and even inspiration could not be written all at once. Instead, it should be very rigorous. She wrote down the content words by words. She had to study it carefully, and she had to check a lot of materials to write it. But there was also a small part of it. As long as the beginning was opened, the following part would be easier to write.

Leena didn't take a rest until it was dark. After a while, her phone rang. She picked it up and found it was from Spencer. Leena answered the phone and asked, "Hello, Spencer. What's up?"

Spencer said anxiously, "Leena, you go downstairs. I'm downstairs with the devil girl, but the ex boyfriend of her, whose name is Jimmy, is now pestering the devil, kneeling and crying, which makes us very embarrassed. Can you come down?"

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