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   Chapter 171 That Photo Was Missing (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-26 00:12

Daniel kept silent for a while. He wanted to say something, but finally sighed and didn't say anything.

Seeing that, Leena frowned and took the initiative to mention, "When you took me upstairs to see the photo, I saw a photo of you and an uncle. You were still young at that time, and that uncle bent down and put his hand on your shoulder. Can you show me the photo again?"

Terrence was shocked.

"I don't know why, but I feel very kind when I see that uncle. I seem to have met him somewhere. But I know I have never seen him before, so I have been thinking about..."

"Which photo are you talking about?" Daniel was so confused that he felt unfamiliar with what Leena said.

"It's the photo in upstairs. I want to ask if it's a photo of my father." Leena's eyes were burning.

To her surprise, after staring at her for a while, she was still confused and didn't seem to know what was going on. After a long time, she said, "If you really want to see that, you can go upstairs to look for it. But I don't think I have a photo with your father."

Leena frowned and was still a little uncertain. In fact, she had taken a look at the photo that day and felt that the person in the photo was very kind, and an inexplicable emotion rose in her heart. But she didn't care at that time, so she didn't remember that man's appearance. Now she also forgot what that man looked like. When she came to Daniel's house, she just wanted to see and confirm it again.

Since Daniel said so, she must go upstairs, so she went to upstairs to look for it. But this time, to her great surprise, she couldn't find the photo in the original place. She remembered clearly that the photo was very conspicuous that day. She saw it at a glance when she went out, but she didn't know why it couldn't be found now.

Seeing that she was so obsessed with the photos, Daniel frowned and asked, "Can you find it?"

Leena shook her head, "No, but I remember that photo putting here the other day. I saw it at a glance!" She pointed to that direction and searched for a while, but still couldn't find it.

Leaning against the door with his arms crossed, Daniel looked at her and said, "Maybe you have a hallucination!"

"No way!" Leena went to other places to look for her, rummaged

herself to let it go.

But she still held a grudge against her parents. When she followed Daniel to the study, she asked, "You said you had met my father. Can you tell me more details?"

"I saw her when I was a child, but I almost forgot." Although Terrence didn't refuse this time, it meant that he didn't say anything.

"What kind of person is my father?

Daniel turned around and said, "Miss Leena, we are about the same age. We are at most three years older than you. I really don't remember. Let's talk about it later. This is not the key point of our work."

Daniel comforted her with a smile and stopped her from asking.

In the study room, Daniel handed a stack of documents to Leena and said, "Find an opportunity to give these things to Mr. Richard. But you'd better wait until Alina can't complete the task." After saying that, Daniel smiled, full of schemes.

Leena accepted it. In fact, she hadn't fully agreed to cooperate with Daniel. Was it really a good thing for her to help Mr. Martin against Carlson and Dylan? But this time, the backer seemed to be quite strong. Unlike Mr. Richard, he didn't care about the business of the Empire Group. Even though Mr. Richard had a very high seniority, he was not very useful to her. He was not as useful as Jack, Dylan and Carlson. Mr. Martin was the last leader, and he was also Dylan's father-in-law, the elder generation of Carlson, and the elder brother of Jack. He was more fierce than them anywaySo Mr. Martin was really a powerful backer.

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