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   Chapter 169 Bid For Land (Part One)

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Leena followed the housekeeper into the hall. Daniel sat on the sofa and waited. He sat leisurely and leaned back on the sofa. He opened his hands and put them on the back of the chair. When he saw Leena come in, he gave her a lazy smile. It seemed that he really enjoyed it.

The butler told him that Leena had been here.

Daniel waved his hand to the butler and said to Leena, "Please have a seat!"

Leena sat down on the sofa opposite him.

"Not bad. Your performance just now was really unexpected." Daniel commented with a smile. Apparently, he had known that she had a quarrel with Alina and Peterson outside. He teased, but also a little praised.

Leena didn't know what he was thinking. The servant served her a cup of coffee. After the servant went downstairs, she asked, "Did you eavesdrop on us just now?"

With an innocent look on his face, Daniel spread out his hands and said, "This is my home. I can go everywhere I want. It's excusable for me to pass by and hear you. Besides, you were so loud just now that I don't want to hear you."

Embarrassed, Leena lowered her head. Daniel said, "It's not a bad thing."

Leena raised her head again.

Daniel said, "I've been thinking when you can break out. You met such a brother, such Alina, oh, and such Miguel, and now even met Carlson. How long do you have to endure?"

"I'm not here to talk about my character with you." Leena interrupted him. She didn't like others to comment on her character with such a smile. She was not familiar with Daniel, so why should she listen to his comment? "Last time you said you wanted to cooperate with me in business. I asked why, but you suddenly said you knew my father. What happened?"

"So you are here for business?" Raising his eyebrows to show his interest, Daniel couldn't help sitting up straight, eating the fruit on the table and looking at Leena like a child.

Leena really admired his ability to twist. He only asked the first half of the sentence even though her key point was the second half. She shook her head and said, "No, I'm here to ask something about my father."

Taking a bite of the apple, Daniel raised his eyebrows and said nothing.

He didn't even peel. Leena didn't know why, but she felt a little uncomfortable when she saw that he didn't peel the apple. M

some, he had no power or influence in front of the experienced Alina. How could Alina fall in love with him?

Leena thought Peterson was stupid at the first sight. What's the point of guarding such a woman!

"You are still not reconciled to your brother." Daniel said after wiping his lips.

Leena kept away from his gaze and lowered her head. Maybe, how could she be reconciled? They grew up together, and they had such a deep affection in their childhood. How could she be reconciled when she suddenly changed into another person.

"Do you hate Alina very much?"

Raising her head, Leena asked, "Aren't you getting along well with Alina?" So she wouldn't tell him the problem between her and Alina.

Daniel smiled helplessly, "Do you know why Alina came here today?" After a pause, seeing that Leena had no intention of asking, Daniel answered to himself, "Mr. Richard asked her to do something, but she had no choice but to beg me."

"What's up?" asked Leena curiously.

"Mr. Richard asked her to look for the plan for the bidding of Longwan between Carlson and Dylan recently. Longwan is really a beautiful and rich land. It is said that it can help businessman earn lots of money after the development of it. Both Carlson and Dylan wanted to invest in that place. One was to build a resort, and the other was to develop a sea view building. In a word, they estimated that it would cost them two hundred percent of the money. The two of them wanted it. Mr. Richard wants to know who has done better and more accurately."

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