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   Chapter 168 Broken Kinship (Part Two)

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After saying that, Leena almost roared out. Her eyes were red, and tears only fell down. "When you were not here, I supported this family. My mother was sick, and Yanni's tuition, and all the living expenses of the family, and even your debt were paid back by me working hard to earn money! Maybe you are the adopted daughter of the Yang Family. My parents have raised me for so many years, and I should pay off my debts. But I have only been with the Yang Family for fifteen years. But fifteen years later, I am still a little girl. I have to go to school, and I have to study day and night to repay the Yang Family's kindness for me! In order to pay your debt, I don't know how many places I have to go and how many jobs I have to work hard every day! In the end, when I entered the Heaven Hotel, I felt a little relived. But after I did so much, you told me that I was not a member of the Yang Family, and you didn't have to meddle in their affairs! Ha ha, it's so ridiculous, Peterson. Don't you think you are saying that because your conscience is eaten by a dog? Yes, you're right. I'm not a member of the Yang Family, and I'm not your sister. But why should I shoulder so much hardship for the Yang Family, and why should I pay the debt for you! If you have the ability to scold me, you should have the ability to return what you owe me for all these years!"

Leena's words shocked Peterson and Alina.

Leena continued to say, "It's my parents who picked me up and raised me. My father has gone. I have taken care of my mother all these years because she is sick and in poor health. I also take care of Yanni. I won't hold them accountable for my kindness, because they have raised me, and I will pay them back. But what about you? What did you give me? Why should I help you pay the debt? You have a book and give me back what you owe me all these years!"

"You are crazy!" Peterson didn't know if it was because he was too shameless or he couldn't find a word to refute her, so he could only scold her weakly.

With her eyes wide open, she grabbed Peterson's collar and said through gritted teeth, "I'm not a member of the Yang Family or your sister, but I've helped you pay your debt. I've paid a million dollars debt, including interest. More than 1.5 million dollars. You have to pay me back not only. I've helped you pay back in advance these years, so you don't have to pay so much interest in the future. You can't afford two million dollars, Peterson. I even have to pay you back for the lost courses, entertainment life and other opportunities cost of social needs. Can you afford it? Peterson, don't you have the ability to chase a woman? You don't care about anything for love, do you remember my kindness to you and my money. Ah! AHA... "

As expected, Leena majored in economics. If she really calculated the cost and profit, she would definitely figure out clearly, not even let go of a cent. Peterso

'm looking forward to your performance!" Then he ignored Peterson and went back to his original place, ignoring Alina's face.

It turned out that Daniel's Butler had been waiting for a long time. He must have heard the conversation between Leena, Peterson and Alina, but he still pretended to be fine and politely invited Leena into the living room.

The law of the jungle prevailed in this world. She used to be kind and didn't want to argue with others, but it seemed to be useless. People should be kind, but they couldn't be too kind. When she met a bitch like Alina, a bad guy like Miguel, and a disappointing family like Peterson, if she didn't take a little method, they would not only hurt her, And hurt the people around her.

In the past, when Miguel hurt her, she could still tolerate Alina. But now, Alina had destroyed Peterson, provoked her mother, Rena, and Yanni, which had completely violated her bottom line. She couldn't bear it.

Her buttom line had always been very low, because of her life experience, she could endure hardships, be tolerant, positive and optimistic to deal with many unhappy things, so she provided a warm bed for these villains to do evil. She actually thought she was easy to be bullied and teased her again and again three times! This time, she crossed her bottom line. She couldn't tolerate it anyway!

Alina, she asked her to return the money back when it was time. No one was born to be mistreated, and no one could hurt others for no reason. It was not time to return!

After going through so many things, Leena was kind-hearted, but her bottom line of tolerance had been raised a little. People should try to tolerate others when they are alive, but once they meet a bitch or a scumbag, there is no need to tolerate them, because tolerating these people will only let them become stronger and hurt more people!

Maybe Leena didn't realize it, and this was the real transformation of her!

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