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   Chapter 167 Broken Kinship (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-06-24 00:12

Alina didn't expect that Leena would come out. Did Daniel invite them as well as her? In fact, it was not Daniel who invited them. In fact, Daniel only had contact with her. It was the first time they met since the last time they met, but she happened to meet Peterson when she came, and asked him to protect her by the way. Alina had a suspicious character, so wherever she went, there should have one more person accompanying with her, which made her more comfortably. But she didn't expect that Leena was also here.

Peterson also didn't understand. He was more dissatisfied with the sudden appearance of Leena and blamed Alina in this way. He frowned and asked, "Leena, what are you doing here?"

Leena walked to them, stared at Alina fiercely, looked at Peterson and said, "Brother, you also said that my mother was not in good health, and you promised to see her. You can't let her down again! You don't know that before I came here, I had talked to my mother on the phone. She was very happy when she heard that you would go back to see her. Her mental state was obviously much better than before. My mother has been looking forward to you for 9 years. Are you willing to let her down?"

Alina felt it was so ridiculous. She crossed her arms and looked at Leena arrogantly, "I said, Peterson, if you go back, you will be moved by tenderness. Even if you are not moved, you will be deceived by this bitch sooner or later. You will still love me and protect me for a lifetime?"

"You are the bitch!" Leena scolded.

Alina spread out his hands fearlessly, as if he didn't care at all, and said, "Look, I know you are looking at Peterson like this. What else do you want to explain? Your sister is very angry with me. Do you want me or your mother?"

Leena still wanted to scold Alina. Alina was too shameless and deserved to be beaten to death! But Peterson suddenly shouted at Leena coldly, "Shut up! It's none of your business!"

"Brother, are you still so stubborn or think this woman is good?" asked Leena, confused. Alina is just a woman who plays with love everywhere. She won't really fall in love with you. Why are you doing this? You even deceived your conscience!" After saying that, Leena scolded Alina, "If you really have a little co

n't expect that she would also explode, and the expression on her face was very horrible. It was not the expression of hatred, but coldness, sadness and disappointment.

Peterson covered his face and stared at her for a while. When he reacted and was about to lose his temper, he heard her scold coldly, "I hit him on behalf of my mother! Yes, I'm not the daughter of the Yang Family. I just take the surname of the Yang, but I'm more qualified than anyone to manage the affairs of the Yang Family! Peterson, when you disliked me, you hated me, an outsider, for getting involved in the affairs of the Yang family. Where were you when my mother fell ill? Every year, I had to pay tuition and pick Yanni up and down from school. The whole Yang Family had been tired of debts in the past 9 years and had no place to hide. Where were you when my parents were so poor that they could only eat bun. Where were you! At that time, you only cared about your own life. When you entered the Empire Group, in order to realize your so-called dream, you chased after women, and for your so-called love, you fought with others, shouting and killing, and you only cared about yourself. You didn't look at your mother, who was seriously ill, and the young Yanni, who had been missing you all the time. If you got hurt, how painful would our mom be! You only care about your own happiness, and you only selfish pursue and enjoy the life you want. Have you ever thought about how your mother and Yanni have lived these years? "

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