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   Chapter 166 An Casual Encounter (Part Three)

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Hearing this, Leena was a little angry. How could there be such a bitch in the world! How could she use men everywhere to hurt men's feelings and hurt her brother so badly! She expected Peterson to scold back, and even slap Alina. However, after waiting for a long time, there was only endless silence.

Finally, she heard a very loud sound of slapping.

Leena was alerted. She thought it was her brother who finally fought back, so she slapped Alina. Just when she felt very happy and determined, she heard Alina scold, "Coward, useless man. A man like you doesn't need to live in the world at all, and you don't need to get my trust before!"

Did Alina slap her brother?

It was not until Alina's high-heeled shoes stepped on the floor and made a crisp sound that she confirmed her idea. She could even imagine that Alina was very proud to raise her head and chest, with her hands crossed over her arms, and left coldly after she dealt with her slave like a queen.

That was to say, Alina's arrogance was often spoiled by men. There was a gentle Miguel before, and now there was a Peterson who was willing to endure it, let alone Jimmy. There was probably only one man in the world, and that was, Dylan had really played with Alina. Dylan was the leader of the Empire Group was a very successful. Alina was defeated by such a man and only played with him. It was also her strength. Compared with many women in the world, there were too many pitiful women. Whether it was Rena, her, Lily or Betty, they were all struggling in love, unable to control their men! Almost all men were powerless to fight against Alina. Sometimes, she didn't know how Alina did it. As a woman, she hated Alina very much. She didn't know why those men liked her so much!

Therefore, Alina was indeed the most outstanding among women, but she

spoke in a very gentle tone, as if coaxing her, "Alina, I can promise you anything else, but I can't see my mother. Isn't this too unreasonable?"

"Peterson, how dare you say that I'm making trouble out of nothing?" Alina shouted angrily.

Peterson hurriedly explained, "No, since I have sworn that I won't quit the Empire Group, I will do everything for you, whether dead or alive, but not look at my mother. It's really... You know, my mother was seriously ill and always in poor health. I haven't seen her for 9 years. Yesterday, I wrote to her and told her that I was going to see her. If you don't let me see her now, she will be sad. It doesn't mean that I'm leaving the Empire Group. Don't worry. Just take back your request of not letting me see my mother!"

"Your mother will be moved by tenderness sooner or later, and she will be deceived by that little bitch Leena. So, for your own good, you shouldn't go to see your mother, right?" Alina was really eloquent and eloquent.

At last, Leena couldn't stand it anymore. She was so angry that she walked out of the corner in a hurry and said, "Brother, don't listen to that bitch! If you still ignore your mother for a woman, you will have no conscience!"

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