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   Chapter 165 An Casual Encounter (Part Two)

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All of a sudden, Mrs. Yang sighed, "I'm really sorry to bring you trouble. Thank you!"

Hearing that, Leena fell into silence all of a sudden. She had never been so sensitive before, but after knowing a lot of things, she couldn't help becoming sensitive. Just like what her mother said, her mother would occasionally show such a tone in the past, but she didn't care. She would even think that her mother loved her and felt happy in her heart. But it sounded so harsh today. It turned out that her mother had always known that she was not the biological daughter of the Yang Family and that there was alienation between them, so she would mind it when she received her benefits. But Leena would rather pretend that she knew nothing than mind her so much. If she minded it too much, she would remind her more that if her mother did not recognize her as her daughter, it would make her very sad.

We are family. Why are you so polite? There is no gratitude, no trouble. If he said so, it meant that he didn't treat her as a family member, but as an outsider. That was why he was so polite. The more she thought about it, the more lonely and sad she felt.

Maybe it was because she had just come out of the hospital and argued with Carlson, she was already in a bad mood, and now she was even sadder. "Mom, don't say that. Just enjoy what you deserve. I will always be your daughter!"

Noticing that there was something wrong with her tone, Mrs. Yang didn't say anything more.

But Leena suddenly cried and held back her tears silently, not letting her mother know.

Mrs. Yang sighed, paused, and said in a different tone, "I'll help you find a house. It's too hard for you to bear alone. Besides... And a few days ago, a few days ago, I All of a sudden, I received a letter on the bedside table. I opened it and found that it was from your brother. Dear Leena, your brother has come to see me. He didn't lie to me. He finally came to see me!"

Mrs. Yang was very excited when she said this. She was immersed in her memory and said, "He said sorry to us in his heart and said that he would find an opportunity to come back to see me. It'

n often bullied and beaten. I think I have no way out in the Empire Group, and my mother is old. I want to go back!"

"Peterson you are a coward! Coward!" Alina was so angry that she scolded him, "Don't let me despise you more!"

Leena thought her brother would be angry and resist. Normal men couldn't bear to be scolded and hurt by such a woman, not to mention her brother, who was not a good tempered person. He said he was very cold and hard when he should be cold and hard, at least a few times, he was very cruel and hard to her.

And Alina was really hateful. According to her brother, the reason why he stayed in the gang at that time was that he fell in love with Alina and stayed for her. But Alina was always Dylan's mistress, not to mention giving Peterson any chance. He had silently protected her for so many years. In the end, in order to help her elope with Miguel, he even destroyed the trust of Dylan, which meant that he had ruined his future. She had offended the last big shot. Alina didn't feel guilty at all. When the disaster came, she ran away herself and went to Mr. Richard, ignoring Peterson. Peterson had no choice but to turn back to Dylan, but he was beaten and distrusted by Dylan. He was disappointed in the Empire Group and felt that there was no future here. Now he turned around and wanted to go home and have a good life. He should serve his mother well, but Alina still called him a coward.

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